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    Win out and I’ll buy a shirt…

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Where is YOUR shirt, Scottie?…..it would probably me more of a tank top……..

  • Ben Factor

    I’m not a huge fan of Colin Cowherd, not because he has zero to say, but because his job description is to say something about everything, and no one can do that with distinction.

    However, he made what I think is a wise comment yesterday. He said that USC should beware of making a coaching decision based on the emotional high of a win streak, or to please the players. He observed that the current players will be gone, and that the most successful coaches are not necessarily those who are the most popular with players. He continued that emotional win streaks can distort judgment. Look no further than the second half of USC’s 2011 season; what did you think of Kiffin then?

    Cowherd stated that given USC’s longer-term aspirations, it was more important to ask how each candidate would be likely to fare in a bowl game against a Saban, Meyer, et al. If he might be over-matched, that would become a problem.

    A couple of things have become clear. No candidate without people skills and a thick skin should be considered at USC, nor a candidate who isn’t tuned in to the youth, emotional vulnerability, and impressionability of college players.

    We don’t know who will want the USC job. Ed Orgeron may be the best candidate who does want the job. Just as Haden deliberated, analyzed, and showed patience before discharging Kiffin, I hope he will show those same qualities in making the next hire. Generally, that gets better results than being swept up in the excitement of a near-term turnaround.

    • rusoviet

      Good post Ben – only caveat in citing Saban and Meyer is that neither of them plays a strong OOC. In 2013 OH St’s schedule is killing them because their conference is horrible and OH St. better win big because of the inept conference wide opponents – that program is not ready for a FL St. nor a Baylor.
      Both of them also have or had a SEC tie-in – funny how the SEC rose to dominance once USC was denied a berth in the NC game and then the gift that gave and gave and gave – the NCAA sanctions topped by having Kiffin for the past 3+ years.

      There have been bad promotions as national columnists have pointed out – Ted Miller over on the Pac-12 Blog lists the hits and misses in internal promotions – good article.

      Anyway thanks for posting something wroth gnawing instead of the usual smack (mea maxima culpa) – adios

      • Ben Factor

        Thanks, Ru. In fairness to Saban, Alabama plays one top OOC opponent every year, and the SEC does seem to be the top conference. Over the last five years, it holds 7 of the top 20 spots in cumulative recruiting. That’s a full 1/3 of the top 20 spots.

        Certainly, OSU is a different matter. On the other hand, Meyer has won big everywhere he coached. Probably, it’s him.

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    Just orders 100 of them

  • I barely come on this site and this “News item” is the perfect example as to why. First of all this tee has been out for some time now and second, as always every thing has to find a way back to Lane. GET OVER IT Scotty boy! Take 10 hot showers and call it a day with your crush on Lane, if I had a subscription to the Daily it would of long been cancelled, I hope you get fired soon and move out of this town, I never want to hear from you again for the rest of my life

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    Coach O is currently UNDEFEATED in Pac-12 play…….