• keep riding the TIGER wolfman!!! you are DEFINITELY the GO TO person in the country on Southern Cal news!!!

    do you have an agent?

    • Helen

      Do you rate Scottie higher than Petros Papadakis?

      • Helen you are now on the Cadre’s Enemies Lis t after your ultra cheap shot at our fallen Bruin. Consider yourself hunted.

        • Helen

          You’re right, that was a cheap shot and I apologize. It’s unfortunate the Bruin lost his life. But it is also true his blood alcohol was 3x the legal limit, so not the unfortunate accident we were all led to believe.

          • “but it’s also true”?? some apology– ended with the sentiment that somehow a kid making a mistake gives adults the right to still spit on their graves. i can tell you are not a mother.

            maybe to give perspective to this issue, we should examine the curious case of Southern Cal kicker Mario Danelo? it’s okay, because he was also 3 times the limit when he was killed or killed himself, so it’s open season. lots to talk about.