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The players’ devotion to USC coach Ed Orgeron runs deep and if the Trojans keep winning, it just might help him get the job. Why do they like him so much?

“I’ve been here four years and we’ve never had a guest speaker,” safety Dion Bailey said. “We’ve had like five now. (Orgeron) just enhanced the experience. This is the way I thought it would be when I came to USC.”

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  • john wolcott

    One of the beauties of college football is how some games are a universe unto themselves. For example, the Stanford game in all likelihood will not result in SC even playing Oregon for the conference championship, and yet it is a game people will recall years from now.

    Odds of a South championship:

    ASU 70%
    SUCLA 20%
    SC 10%

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Very true. The Stanford game will be one of those “where were you the night USC beat Stanford” moments.

      That was a character win that will be the game people point to as when USC reimerged.

      • ThaiMex

        Yup…agreed! It’s right up there with the night Cheatey screwed up on National T.V. and TEXAS walked away with the big prize. Where were you that night?
        fit UN!

        • Golden Trojan

          Actually I think Kiffin called those plays and I remember a banged up defense that Carroll coached his brains out to keep together and get to that game.

          • FOURTH AND TWO!!!!

            three of the most dulcet tones to ever fall on these tired old ears!!

          • TrojanFan

            If you are looking for support, open the drawer with the stale jockstraps……The aroma might help easy the dementia……and while you are at it, change the soiled diaper

          • Golden Trojan

            Hey Bucket, 4th and 2 worked pretty well Saturday for the Trojans! Wasn’t it 4th and 2 for Leinart and Jarret? That also worked out well, didn’t it?

          • TrojanFan

            The guy has selective memory. Dementia is in control

        • G Man

          UCLA could only dream to have a moment like the one that USC did against Texas. That game is still talked about as being the best national championship moment in history, period.

          Sure, it was sad for USC fans. But hey, the Trojans had just won two national championships in a row along with a string of Heismans. What a run!

          What’s UCLA’s big-time football highlight to remember? A 50-0 loss to USC? Or perhaps the big UCLA collapse against Miami back in 1999 and then the following loss to Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl?

          • “G” Man, welcome to the Blog! as an officer of the opposition party (the Cadre) i want to assert we welcome all members of the Gay community (even latent homosexuals….we have quite a few) to this forum where all are treated equally (bad).

            please post your email and i’ll send payment information.

          • TrojanFan

            What the fuc are you talking about(dememtia is some nasty stuff). No wants you posting on this blog. We all want you to pull the trigger

          • rusoviet

            Hmmm timeout over at ‘The Bunkhouse?’….coffee breaks over ‘pala’ back on your head and this time smile!

          • easy, Ta@@ette!!

          • TrojanFamily

            Wow, you are so demoralized after Saturday that you are left with homophobic comments? Must not be too happy in Chuckleland.

          • what??? i truly regret any misunderstanding!! i just thought G Man was code for Gay Man!! the Cadre is 100% pro on all gay rights initiatives!!!

          • TrojanFan

            FYI, bucket is the resident “pinch line”

        • TrojanFan

          Can’t forget the ruin flops in multiple final 4’s

          Where were you?…….I gave a good idea…..OUCH!!!

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          I remember that game vividly. How about you?

          I remember Texas getting favorable calls on their last drive. I also remember Vince Young clearly being down on a play (knee) but the refs let the play continue. I also remember USC having a banged up defense that night but they played hard. I remember Lane Kiffin was calling the plays that night. I wasn’t a fan of his play calling then and I wasn’t now. And lastly I remember the refs became fans that night instead of officials.

          You just post inflammatory stuff or are you trying to go somewhere with your comments?

    • Golden Trojan

      Even after this great win, SC at 8-3 has the 5th best record in the conference, which puts them in the Las Vegas bowl. Beat UCLA and Colorado and it’s back to the Sun Bowl.

  • B-rad

    Yes, odds are slim for south championship. USC has a better shot at winning their last two games than either UCLA or AZ st. My guess: USC has 45% chance of sweeping both games (90% chance of beating Colorado and 50% chance of beating UCLA = 45% according to the “and/or rule” of statistical theory), UCLA has 25% chance of sweeping (50% chance against ASU and 50% chance against USC = 25%), and ASU has 35% chance of sweeping (50% chance against UCLA and 70% chance against UofA). But, since ASU only has to win one game, the odds of a USC south championship are minuscule. Still, if UCLA beats ASU Saturday and USC beats Colorado, the odds improve dramatically.

  • The Capper

    Scotty, one of your better articles.

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Congrats to Coach O and the entire USC program. I don’t think Pat Haden needs to look any further for their next HC.

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Well-written. Nice job.

  • David Stewart

    Best article? I found one missing word…..the USC School of Journalism must be proud.

  • Golden Trojan

    You only mentioned Lane Kiffin twice and one was parenthetically, your therapy sessions are working Wolf, keep up the good work.

  • Helen

    Does anyone know who the blond kid to the left of Orgeron with the red USC jacket is? He’s seen in many post game videos hanging on Orgeron.

    • uh-oh.

      • TrojanFan

        Go back to bed!

    • HeySUCs

      The upshot SUC fatheads is SUC has zero control of its FB destiny. Statistically, you’d think the SUC FB team at the mausoleum would mug Washington State. But SUC lost 10 – 7. So much for basing the outcome of future SUC games on Wally B-rad’s statistical bat guano.

      • B-rad

        USC has zero control of its FB destiny. Yep, that’s exactly what I said. But somehow that leads you to believe that statistical probabilities are worthless? Yep, we would expect USC to beat WSU, but the probability wasn’t zero. If the probability was 90% chance of rain and I take an umbrella with me for the day, I guess you would be the guy to call me an idiot for walking around with an unnecessary umbrella. Then again, you would be the idiot walking around without an umbrella the 9 other days with a 90% probability of rain when it did rain.

  • Proud Trojan

    The woman on the left side of the picture, flashing the Victory sign, next to Coach “O” is, ” Barbara from Manhattan Beach,” who is one of Orgeron’s biggest fans, appears on ESPN post game radio shows, and is a proud mother of USC graduates ! She’s been going to USC football games since 1982.

    • are you Barbara? if so why not use the name trOXanette?

      • Proud Trojan

        No. We just know who she is and what a huge USC fan she is. She is a USC graduate, comes from a family that has many USC graduates for more than 60 years at the school, and her kids just graduated from USC. Great mom !

        • TrojanFamily

          Don’t mind Chuckles. Women scare him. It was a natural reaction.

        • sounds like a great gal!

      • TrojanFan

        Since you enjoy being confrontational with everyone. How about you and I meet face to face, tough guy.

        • shut your foolish mouth, you must!!

          or violated by Wookies under the Peristyles, you will be again!

          your little sun dress, the Cadre still has!

          herh, herh herh!

          • TrojanFan

            FUCING LAME!….So now yoda is speaking for you, pathetic!

            Confused again, that’s bruinrob’s sun dress.

            Go back to bed!

  • B.Miller

    Since when did a “high” profile name, become more important than a coach the kids LOVE playing for, and he’s WINNING!

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Exactly! Not only do they love playing for him, he’s well known in the area (for recruiting) and he’s thought highly of among high school coaches.

      The guy has his own chant and cheer.