Colorado Student Section Might Not Be Too Loud

Colorado students are off next week so the last day of classes is Friday. How many are going to stick around for Saturday night’s USC game?

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Well, if they want to catch a glimpse of one of the Top 5 USC Trojans ever to play, over the last 40 years, they would be wise to stick around for Saturday nights USC game……

  • B.Miller

    And the fact that its going to be 27 degrees… I rather catch the game on TV, with some hotties.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Exactly….Hotties and toddys…….

    • JJ Griffiths

      good stuff…lmao!

  • WEB_Dupree


  • The Capper

    They should agree to move it to the Coliseum at the last minute and give Colorado 25% of the gate. The Buffs would end up making 2-3 times as much as they will at their stadium.

  • john wolcott

    This is what worries me– anybody remember the great Rams teams that went to Minnesota in December and almost always lost because Southern California guys are not used to freezing cold

    • Trojan Hoarse

      And don’t forget the altitude……however, having said that, Minnesota was a perennial power…. the Buffs?… not so much…

    • HeySUCs

      Oh yeh! It’s like 10 -15 degree in Minnesota and Carl Ekert get off the team bus in shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and flip flops. The game wasn’t close.

  • Tom French

    I remember too many night games in Corvallis when USC was a slam dunk. This game worries me more than UCLA.

    • HeySUCs

      It should. SUC in 20 degree weather is going to a huge problem.


        I see you’ve gotten lost again. Replace the “/usc” with “/ucla”. Thank me later. And good luck with ASU, you’ll need it.

      • TrojanFamily

        Just because you cry when the weather gets cold doesn’t mean football players do.

  • gotroy22

    The real factor is the high of 31 degrees and low of 20 and snow on the ground. How will we play in such extreme cold? Why did we bring this team into our conference?