USC Guard J.T. Terrell Ineligible For Semester

USC guard J.T. Terrell, who was the Trojans’ leading scorer last year, has been ruled ineligible for the remainder of the first semester. He could potentially be back for the second semester.
“J.T. is not eligible due to academic reasons,” USC coach Andy Enfield said. “Based upon the results of the first semester exams, he could be eligible after the fall semester is concluded.”
The first semester ends Dec. 18. However, it is important to note that grades must be posted before athletes are eligible and that sometimes goes all the way until the first week of January. So exactly when Terrell comes back is difficult to say.

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  • john wolcott

    Doggone. You’d think these athletes who can get all the academic help they want would at least achieve passing grades.

    • HeySUCs

      SUC: the lackadaisical University.

      • Jack B

        Hey idiot. Is it drivel or dribble? Let’s see. Which one could involve a basketball? Oh, heck. Can someone just get this guy a dictionary!

        • Wolcott got those two words confused in a prior post…..just sayin’…

        • HeySUCs

          Hey Jack off, you’d know better than me, if whatever you’re sniveling about made any sense. So, you might want to take a couple days to evaluate your English/communication skills IDIOT. Drink up Jackie Boy.

          • Jack B

            Hey stooopid…Please explain the difference between drivel and dribble. Your Little Guttie brain will simply take a crap trying to figure that out! Ha, ha, ha, ha. What’s wrong? Still can’t make sense of it stooopid!!!

  • mark

    This has to be USC sitting him down to focus on grades so he isn’t declared ineligible for the next semester. If he was ineligible by NCAA standards now, he wouldn’t have been playing at all.