Another Reason To Thank Larry Scott

The USC-Colorado game will mark the latest date a team from the Pacific Time Zone visited Boulder.

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  • jetman624

    What does that mean exactly? It will be cold?

  • HeySUCs

    Way to go Lar-Dog. Not a problem. SUC’s is tough as an over ripe avocado.

    • TrojanFan

      “over ripe avocado”

      Is that what you call the thing bucket wedged in your ear……by the way, does it change flavors?.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      SUC is our resident chihuahua ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yap, yap, yap….

      • HeySUCs

        Snivel, snivel, snivel eh THore, what’s new.

  • TrojanFan

    Football is for men, not pu$$y$. Which side do you fall on?

  • steveg

    Thank larry scott for not getting pac12 network on tv, and also for bringing colorado into the pac12. What a joke. When you bring a new school into a conference it is supposed to strengthen it. He should have gone after Utah St or BYU.

    • Twerk King

      Utah State lacks the educational gravitas, and the Mormon church was considered to be the cause of Proposition Gay Marriage not passing, so no BYU. Plus he wanted the Denver market. He had already grabbed the SLC market, so he had no reason to covet them. Colorado has been good in the past, and they will rise again. Ward, aren’t you being a little hard on the beavers, I mean buffaloes? And what was his other option after USU and BYU, UNLV? Sure, vegas TV market, but he didn’t want to be the one to open the las vegas can of worms.

      • HeySUCs

        Your post will make more sense when Colorado upsets SUC: the Kwame Brown of US Universities.

    • HeySUCs

      And SUC should sue who ever recruited OJ to SUC.

  • Evil Robot

    What a cry baby. I would think that this obscure fact might have something to do with Colorado being in the Big-12, which has no teams in the Pacific time zone, until the 2011 season.

    SC is there 6 days later than when Washington played there last year and Utah played there on the 23rd last year. When you add new teams to a conference, you should assume that they are going to have home games. Shockingly, next year, Colorado could play a west coast game on the latest date in school history, hopefully they can figure out how planes work and manage to wear appropriate clothing.

    • BEATND

      Maybe you might want to go to game there at that time. Its cold, REAL COLD and everything is on lock down by the time game is over. EVERYTHING.!!!

    • HeySUCs

      ER, unless SUC FB schedule is all mausoleum home games, or away games in 68 to 85 degree temps, SUC fans will rant about conspiracy theories that someone or entity is hosing SUC: the Kwame Brown of US Universities. SUC fans are congenital whiners and snivelers and ingest to much sugar in the form of cheap alcohol.

  • Golden Trojan

    The temperature in Denver tomorrow – Hi 34/ Lo 18. Temp in Columbus OH (that’s Ohio State) – Hi 35/ Lo 20. As TrojanFan said, “Football is for men”. Buy a coat Wolf!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Elevation of Boulder, Colorado – 5,430 feet

      Elevation of Columbus, OH – 850 feet (average)

  • TrojanFamily

    Is USC complaining about the trip, or is Wolf? I guess they don’t make winter coats in 6XL.