Petros Papadakis Endorses Ed Orgeron As USC Coach

During Fox College Saturday, Petros Papadakis said USC should hire Ed Orgeron: “I think they’re in a position where they have to hire him. I think they should hire him and see what he can do because nobody has done anything like this in a month and a half. He’s turned one of the most negative situations in college football into one of the most positive.”

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  • TrojanFan

    Wolfman’s true brother!

  • steveg

    I have to question on thing about hiring Orgeron has HC. Can he carry so much emotion within the team for an entire season? I would not be upset if he was hired, I just hope he has a way to inspire continuously, that he doesn’t burn out or the team burns out of emotions.

    If Petros endorses him, that really paints Haden into a cornor. haha

    • tostevinUSC

      If you watch football at all you know Ed has always been enthusiastic. One of the things Haden said originally about Orgeron was that Ed has the most enthusiasm for the mundane chores of being a line coach as he has ever seen.After 150 reps Ed is still as enthusiastic as the first. So I doubt he will change

      • steveg

        Thanks, I feel so much better knowing that. I do watch a little football, even went to Old Miss game when Ed was coach there. Orgeron is okay with me, but I would prefer Gruden with Orgeron at asst HC. Just sayin

  • Brad Hutchings

    The real reasons Haden should hire him now are:
    1. Haden can also call the experiment a bust and fire Orgeron in short order.
    2. Haden doesn’t have to pay USC money for Orgeron immediately, just what Orgeron could realistically get on the open market.
    3. Haden could keep a short leash on Orgeron, including hiring and firing power over staff, something Haden barely had with Kiffin.

    Bring in a “big name” coach, and Haden loses all three levers of control.

    • steveg

      Is Haden into that much control?

      • Brad Hutchings

        Who knows? But can you imagine the embarrassment if he hires a big name, lets go of current staff top to bottom, shells out USC money, and gets 8-5, 9-4 (or worse)? That could happen so easily.

        • Booyakasha

          but if coach O doesn’t work out and we want to hire a big name at the end of next season, we might have to compete with Florida and Texas.

    • Tom Oday

      If he has earned the job why would you handcuff him like that? What a insult to CEO.

  • peter

    I’ve become a huge big O fan. Its turned a lost season into a great story season. But for everything involved let these two games play out. Petro like many others is just getting their face and voice on the band wagon. Let’s win these next two and the fantasy season becomes real. Coach O has done fantastic, let’s “play two”win them and reward the coaches and team.

  • B.Miller

    As does half the nation! Let it play out and see what happens