Can USC Coach Ed Orgeron Be Stopped?

If USC coach Ed Orgeron beats UCLA on Saturday, is there any way Pat Haden can hire somebody else to coach the Trojans? Would Haden risk a fans’ backlash? Would there be too much pressure from the fans to risk introducing an unknown like Vanderbilt’s James Franklin? Would it be possible to bring in an outsider with USC riding a six-game winning streak?
These are relevant questions if the Trojans win the crosstown rivalry. I would add Haden ignored public opinion last year when he kept Lane Kiffin after the season as something else to consider. But maybe that changed him.

  • realtrojan

    With the hopes of going to Pac-12 Championship Game gone up in smoke, this week’s game against fUCLA IS the game of Coach O’s life. It’d be next to impossible not to hire him as HC with the win on that game. So the game not only has profound implications on him but also on the future of USC football program.

    • steveg

      I would add that the intensity, passion, and emotion going into our last game will be at unprecedented levels. This team is going to explode upon FUCla with an effort rarely seen before. FIGHT ON!! Haden really needs to be ready to have answers as to who and why in the hiring.

    • Twerk King

      Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if SC beats UCLA and AZ beats ASU, SC would still go to P12 championship game, no? Before yesterday, I would not have given AZ a china man’s chance against ASU, but I watched a good deal of that game, and they not only beat Oregon, but absolutely dominated them. They made them look like the Oregon of old, the one with the angry duck on the helmets…

      • TrojanFan

        The duck dynasty is over, put a fork in it!

        • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

          Definitely not as intimidating as they once were.

        • Arturo

          that was hardly a dynasty but your point was well taken. nike u couldn’t handle the short lived fame very well.

      • RIP Lane Kiffin

        In that scenario, SC & ASU would be tied with 2 Conference Losses and ASU having the Head to Head Tie Breaker

      • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

        I don’t believe so. In that scenario, ASU holds the tiebreaker over USC since they beat us.

        I completely agree with you about Oregon. They looked terrible. They’ve actually played mediocre football this past month. Coaching changes are rarely seamless for a program, so I don’t know if that is the cause or if the spread offense is getting easier to defend with the right players. If its the latter, it puts a lot of pressure on Oregon’s defense which is relatively small and routinely pushed around.

      • Go Tama

        No, they will not go.

      • BearDown

        What part of clinched did you not get?

    • gotroy22

      When you actually count on the ruins they let you down every time.

  • TrojanFan

    Where is that limp-dick waste bucket at? The shitters took a beating last night.

    • realtrojan

      Hey, you know what? The Bucket could actually be one of bRUIN players. Wouldn’t it be simply fitting? lol.

  • Go Tama

    Haden’s already hired the black dude from A&M, or DULL Rio, but my money is on the black guy since that’s what Haden likes.

    • Arturo

      As much as a Texas to Cali pipeline (assuming Sumlin provides TX connections), along with the local and Florida ones, sounds appealing, how can you ignore Orgeron?

    • FightOn

      Rio looks good because the Broncos are winning thanks to Peyton, but have you seen the Bronco pass defense? Terrible. I’ll keep Clancy.

  • ValueN00b

    UCLA game would be a good test simply because they make good halftime adjustments. I like coach O for what he has done but adjustments is the difference between winning NCAA vs a good college program

  • TrojanFamily

    Why would anyone hire James Franklin over Orgeron anyway? And Sumlin didn’t look all that much like a genius yesterday either. Maybe Haden can take Wolf’s advice and hire Riley and his 69 points surrendered to Washington!

    If Haden hires Del Rio over Orgeron, the boosters will be in full revolt. Players would be heading for the exits too.

    Unless Haden has a big name pro guy like Gruden lined up, Orgeron gets the job if he beats UCLA. He might get it before. If a USC doesn’t hire Orgeron, he will get a HC job this offseason (Illinois is already talking about hiring him).

  • brianc6234

    If Haden hires someone other than Orgeron and they get off to a bad start next year Haden will be the one out of a job. Just give Orgeron a one year deal to see how he does a full season. USC still has one year of sanctions anyway.

  • Conrad Rios

    Haha… You’re all drunk on puppy love. Don’t y’all get it? Ed O is the Bruin choice. No way you’ll have same success next year. Your roll WILL end next week!

  • Bill

    Eddie O has a meeting with Pat Haden in the LAX parking lot scheduled for late Saturday night!