Eat Like A Champion

Ed Orgeron said the Trojans will have a special team dinner Wednesday night. Asked what he would serve the team, he said, “Everything on the menu.”

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  • well, McRibs ARE back…had one last week, with extra sauce…mmmmm.

    • steveg

      They give you one during your break? Is that where you hold the cadre meetings?

      • so amusing trOXans think working at McDonalds is something to be ashamed of!! half your mamas probably worked there and a quarter of you were probably conceived in the parking lot!!

        if you ever become wise, you’ll know to never deem your vocation above others’. as if working in an office was an important job! i reckon you gotta lot to learn, sonny, hopefully, you do before you cash ’em in!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Sure… there is nothing wrong at all with working for a company with a history of racist and discriminatory hiring policies…….who needs moral integrity?……..evidently, not Bucket…..

          • B.Miller

            Bucket is racist..

    • B.Miller

      gross, but funny

  • steveg

    Everything but the crawfish, they are out of season. I hope they have a lot of beef, turkey is not good before a game. EAT ON!!

  • B.Miller

    Who do you think the speaker will be this week for USC?