Fox NFL Analyst Jimmy Johnson On Ed Orgeron

Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson, who had Ed Orgeron as an assistant coach at Miami: “ So much has changed at USC with just his enthusiasm and excitement. It looks like a different team even though it’s the same players.”

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i love you like a blood brother, but give it a REST already with the Farmer Fram kudos!!!

    he’s really enthusiastic, we GET IT!! EVERYONE gets it!!

    just remember this: i PREDICTED, BEFORE the season started, that after one loss everyone would turn on Kiff, and after two losses they would want his head!!

    so i KNOW what Southern Cal better than they know themselves!! this is true because i follow the teachings of Sun Tzu!!

    therefore i can say, with great authority, that after two losses Farmer Fran will be MOCKED by the same Dummies as a buffoon out of his depth!!! so let it be written, so let it be DONE!!!!

    • tostevinUSC

      I don’t know about this. Before (under Kiffin) we didn’t see a lot of support from the players. Now (under Orgeron) We see gushing enthusiasm from the team. Under Kiffin we saw clandestine football almost a spy versus spy version. Under Orgeron we have seen football football almost the way it should be. Under Kiffin we saw indecisiveness. Under Orgeron we have seen a much more defined goal and outcome. I hope if we are in the game until the end,no matter who wins, we will still like the Cajun Coach.

      • well, the wolfman likes the Agin’ Cajun so if he’s ok with the wolfman, he’s ok with the Classy Cadre…

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Still trying to hang nicknames on people?

      Keep trying, I guess.

      • yeah, and here’s one for you: DUMMY!

        • Mike 70

          So immature and childish…

    • The Capper

      Sun Tzu, impressive. And here I thought you were just a shallow, pimple faced kid that was afraid of girls and was constantly picked on by others. I stand corrected. You’re not shallow.

      • if i appear weak, it’s because i am strong.
        all war is deception.