Andy Enfield On Tim Floyd Altercation

Here’s what USC coach Andy Enfield said today: “I regret that situation happened and I apologize to the USC fans. We’re moving on.”

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  • Joe Blow

    F loyd sucs

    • HeySUCs

      Spin your sign Joey.

      • The Capper

        What a crafty insult Hayes. Very good one buddy.

  • ThaiMex

    Nubsie LOVED Floyd when Floyd was coaching at $CUm….(turncoats do that). What happened to the Torgan for Life b.s. He’s a hypocrite just like the rest of his “boyfriends” on this site.
    fit UN!

  • rusoviet

    Nothing to see – it’s over – nothing left save the idiocy of the haters who squat here 24/7 because they have no one nor nothing of value in their pathetic worthless lives – time to move on and most of all ‘Fight on!’

    • HeySUCs

      Hey Comrade, Is it our fault SUC sucks? It’s not like we invent SUC’s peccadillos and shameless antics. SUC tradition is a fairy tale invented by SUC fans who need alter identities.

  • Saul Goodman

    Floyd’s a G and Enfield barked up the wrong tree there. One of few SC bball diehards and want CAE to succeed but he misstepped here

    • rusoviet

      Yes he did – I hope this is the end of the need to mock opponents, schools, players and locales. Time to change Coach Enfield while you’re young enough to realize the loss – this will be in your epithet.

  • grave soul

    Enfield looks like he’s opting for the Kiffin route: cause unnecessary distractions before big games (in other sports, no less), and walk around acting brash and cocky (with nothing to back it up).
    But he’s trying to one-up Kiffin by loudly boasting about his team, and now they haven’t done anything but lose.
    What a clown show.

    • HeySUCs

      How many millions did Bruiser Enfield sign for?

      • grave soul

        The correct answer would be: too many. He’s a cliwn and usc deserves him.