Tim Floyd On Andy Enfield Incident

Here’s a couple of his quotes: “A lot of comments made about a great city that I live in . . . I certainly didn’t appreciate that.
“Everything started back with some tampering on a McDonald All-American that we signed back in April a week after he took the job. I just don’t think it was handled appropriately on their end.”
UPDATED: UTEP defeated Tennessee tonight, so we won’t see a USC-UTEP matchup.

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  • rusoviet

    Well I’d say that’s that unless one of the participants or their ‘apparatchiks’ choose to enflame it again which I doubt shall be the case.

    Time for Enfield to not be defined at this stage in his young career with engaging in this kind of nonsense – I believe he knows that now so I’d say there shouldn’t be any more ‘OTR’ quotes in magazines or remarks made to any reporters.

    Poor Tim Floyd looks beat to death – best to him at UTEP and best to the people of El Paso,TX – we all just may be down there in four weeks or so for the Sun Bowl.

    • ProbationU

      Actually, I think the Bruins will end up in El Paso regardless of the outcome of the game. I think some bridges were burned last year and now this on top of it…just don’t think SC and El Paso is going to happen for awhile.

      • rusoviet

        Probably true inasmuch as it is the bowls who extend the invitation but I’d like to hear that Pat Haden reaches out and asks El Paso for an invitation rather than let this mess continue to fester.

        It (El Paso) is a good tow, it truly is. It’s a refuge for the poor south of the border and also a place for employment for them as well. The air in Juarez is the worst in the western hemisphere. Las Cruces-NM is 40 miles North and San Antonio is a cool 8+ hours east. It’s in the MST zone unlike the rest of TX (CST). I hope USC goes there to play in the Sun Bowl and Andy Enfield finds the time after the home game against Howard U. (29th Dec.) to fly down to El Paso – even if the football team is over in San Antonio the day before (30th Dec.) the Sun Bowl (31st Dec – New year’s Eve) just a thought.

  • SFTrojanFaithful

    Floyd is a former Trojan coach and deserves some respect. He’s still a part of the Trojan family. No problems competing with a Trojan brother, but keep that stuff private. Uncouth making snide comments in public.

    • Saul Goodman

      100% agree

    • rusoviet

      True for both Floyd as well as Enfield.

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    Not only is pUSC the worst team in the P12, but your coach doesn’t even know how to cat fight! Sad.

  • john wolcott

    “I just don’t think it (the tampering situation) was handled inappropriately on their end.” Then why the fuss?

    Because he in fact said he did not think the situation was handled “appropriately” on SC’s end.

    Who is responsible for this type of journalism. Scott must have a junior apprentice doing his work-up because Scott could not be responsible for these mickey mouse errors.

    Could he?