Maybe Andy Enfield Is Doing USC Football A Favor

Perhaps Andy Enfield’s comments in Men’s Journal about El Paso and his altercation with UTEP coach Tim Floyd will sour the Sun Bowl on taking the Trojans for a second straight year.

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  • steveg

    Please Andy, keep talking.

    • ProbationU

      Watching your BB team this morning and he may want to be quiet and start coaching. Maybe hire Clancy Pendergast as well.

      • rusoviet

        I believe that is exactly what is going to and is happening – Enfield is hopefully beginning to realize one has to prove oneself before attention is focused on yourself.

        Good results west coast style- Fresno St. losing to SJSU and WA St. close to WA @ Seattle – 4th qtr. <6 to go.

        • steveg

          Hated to see Fresno lose, they had a great run. Would have been fun to see them in some kind of quality bowl game.

          • rusoviet

            True steve ‘but’ it exposed the gap between the upper five conferences and the bottom four – I will say the MAC is even less skilled than the Mountain West – No. IL has no right being anywhere near a BCS Bowl.

  • rusoviet

    Oh yeah that’s what the school needs – another confirmation of the age old ‘spoiled children’ moniker.

    The mess last year with the late arrival at the dinner and the follow-on attitude when we lost – nah no memory of what we USC, act like right?

    My hope is that Pat Haden is in touch today with the Sun Bowl reps to see if we can travel there again this year. Have Enfield go as well – Enfield apologizes to the fans in the Sun Bowl and the team shows decorum and respect to the citizens of El Paso – the last thing we need is to dodge or publicly discuss the pros for a city not inviting us to play in their stadium.

    • Golden Trojan

      SC should stand for Style and Class with a healthy dose of Respect! Don’t be a bunch of punks like Oregon.


    I hope they get invited to the Vegas bowl. I’d go to that.