Pick The Score

Time to pick a winner in the crosstown rivalry. USC is a 3.5-point favorite over UCLA. Momentum is definitely with USC. But can they handle a mobile QB? That’s been a perennial issue. The Trojans are probably healthier than at any time this season.

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  • anno nimus

    24-20 UCLA

    • G Man

      Leap frog anybody recently?

  • Ambrosia

    31-14 USC Trojans so I don’t have to bite my nails in the 4th quarter

  • TDOG

    I know what the exact score will be before the game begins – 0 to 0

    Why would he ask if Wolf doesn’t read comments?

    Very odd indeed!

    • FUCLA bRuins 2nd in LA

      Wolf is HeySUCLA.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        And you are Trojan Fan.

        • Joe Blow

          And you are an a h o l e.

          • FUCLA bRuins 2nd in LA

            Phake thaispoon, SUCLA and Sam Gilbert U. Their daddy’s were never home. Their mom’s were more interested in their tennis coach.

        • FUCLA bRuins 2nd in LA

          Which means that you’re probably that punk bRuin in the cubes that I keep passing on for promotions.

  • Go Tama

    USC 22,000
    Fucla. 0

    • anno nimus

      That 22,000 – 0 must be the player arrests for felony.

  • BearBryant3

    24-13 usc


    SC 31-13

  • Golden Trojan

    31-27 USC, Late 4th qtr TD by SC wins it.

  • sc 4 sc

    Too many parallels with the 2001 season to ignore. Therefore, 27-0. USC yanks the heart out of the bruins with a pick-6 at the end of the 1st quarter. We lose in the Vegas Bowl, however, but a small price to pay for a win over the daughters of Westwood!

  • tostevinUSC

    The real winners of this game,,,the fans they’ll have something to crow about or bitch about for a whole year afterwords

  • fuksc

    Mighty Bruins 45 – little boys from southern cal 17

  • TrojanFamily

    Since Scooter obsesses about betting lines. How about USC 24.5 UCLA 21.

  • steveg

    USC 35
    ucla 13
    Defense has the game of the year, and Kessler just gets better. Buck has his way and Grimble meets Barr headon to give Barr some real P A I N!!
    Going to be a great game to watch.

  • oneohsixseven

    UCLA : 21
    USC : 24

    UCLA will attempt a fake punt in the first half; they won’t convert. All ‘SC after that!
    Fight On!

  • rusoviet

    It will be close through most of the first half and then a sudden blow out begins – USC 38 UCLA 10

  • Robert Larios

    TROJANS 31
    bruins 20

  • B.Miller

    USC 50
    FUCLA 17

  • tigerbalm2010

    USC 31
    ucla 27