USC Currently Projected For Las Vegas Bowl

That’s what BCS guru Jerry Palm released today in his bowl projections. He has the Trojans playing Fresno State, which lost to San Jose State today. Despite this, a lot of people at USC will be holding their breath that the Sun Bowl does not select the Trojans.

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  • Trojanpete

    So he is essentially saying that we’ll lose to UCLA, right? Not happening!

    • Arturo

      TP- I think the Sun Bowl has the right to choose. Even if SC wins, the SB might not want them two years in a row.

      • ProbationU

        That’s a polite way of saying it, Arturo. The truth is that the team acted poorly last year, insulted the City of El Paso and embarassed the school. Andy Enfield has now also insulted the City of El Paso in his comments about Tim Floyd and UTEP. I would guess that SC is not thought of fondly in those parts and that may be the big reason they don’t get an invite, win or lose.

        • FUCLA bRuins 2nd in LA

          Another serious waste of 0s and 1s shared with civility from Sam Gilbert U. Big who cares.

          • Taylor Zwisler

            USC will not be going back to El Paso in the near future. Nuff said

          • Joe Blow

            Don’t respond to the PUtz. He’s a know it all a h o l e. And he knows nada.

        • sc 4 sc

          Perfect scenario: Saturday after winning 27-0, Coach O looks into the camera and says, “With any luck, the good people of beautiful El Paso, Texas will choose us to represent the Pac-12!”

  • steveg

    Either way, people are going to say it all depends on how Ed does in the bowl if he gets the HC job. USC is not going to lose a bowl game this year.

  • sc 4 sc

    Sun Bowl is far better than the Vegas Bowl. Chance to play Va.Tech, on network TV, avenging last year’s loss, avenging our stained reputation in El Paso. New coach = new attitude. As for Vegas: can’t win situation playing against Fresno. What kind of bowl game is 4 days before Christmas?! Might as well play right after the Army-Navy game!

  • rusoviet

    “…a lot of people at USC will be holding their breath…” Who? Kiffin’s gone so’s Barkley as immaterial as he was to be there, Wittek isn’t starting – Orgeron would never have left El Paso w.o. offering a public apology for the late arrival and the foolish tweets sent out prior to the game.

    I hope the Sun Bowl takes Troy – the Sun Bowl officials would be foolish not to if the alternative is the bel-airians because the bel-airians can’t: afford anything more than a tank of gas ’round trip’ – man how many Bruin fans were in Palo Alto last year against Stanford – maybe 60? UCLA lobbied hard for the Holiday so at least 200+ made it to San Diego when they got smashed by Baylor.

    I hope the (USC) lobbies for the game and they make Enfield go with the team and apologize for his inane remarks.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Sun Bowl, Vegas Bowl, Kraft bowl, nut bowl. What difference does it make? It’s going to be one extra scrimmage unless a bowl puts a good match together, and with BYU, Boise St., and Fresno St. apparently locked into vs. Pac-12 team bowl, there’s no hope for something good. Texas-USC would be great, and raise the profile of any of the crappy bowls these 2 teams will be going to. Other good match-ups for USC vs. Miami/VaTech/Wisconsin/Oklahoma. Doubt any of those match-ups are possibilities.

  • Dr. Paul

    I have not been to El Paso in 41 years and it has been even longer since I was in Bangladesh… did not leave anything important in either place. USC (or any PAC 12 U) playing one of the larger Junior Colleges is a lose-lose situation. Haden should find a large stadium that is not being used on Jan 4, 2014 and schedule a game with Oregon or a rematch with ND and take a pass on either of the garbage bowls.

    • rusoviet

      Gotta better idea – let’s play the Denver Broncos in Dallas, after all we’ve enough legacy to warrant a real opponent.

      • ThaiMex

        Big dummy…LEGACY doesn’t win games. Real opponent?????? You must be referring to that Legacy Team, The Mighty Washington State Cougars (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!).
        fit UN!

        • Dr. Paul

          That was the Losing Lane Legacy. Welcome to Change and Hope of the Real “O”.

    • daniel rodriguez

      We all know USC is not as good team. And to think they have to cheat illegal grades and recruiting just to compete with a FRESNO STATE bulldog program that is in the have nots conference of teams that make pennies compared to the billions the Pac 12 gets BUT the bad thing about this is if USC comes out of its cowardly bubble and play the bulldog football team in Vegas all the cheating in the world cannot help the girls of troy .B ULLDOGS 45 USC10

  • oregon111

    el paso is not a great destination – Ive been there

    there was a party scene at the econolodge one time on new years’ — drunk chicks throwing up and yelling about ‘assholes’ — even I didn’t want to try to screw them

    on top of that – games are being shortened by the running clock rule – yet they take an hour longer – going from 3 hrs to 4

    college football is great, but the things around it are dragging it down..

    so another year goes by and Oregon / USC do not meet in the pac12 champ game – one of these days it will happen

    • Booyakasha

      Oregon has a terrible run D and O line this year. I think we would have a really good chance to get after them if the game happened. For all the hype about Arik Armstead while he was recruited, he is a less than average D lineman.

    • G Man

      Games are also being shortened by that silly, no huddle offense fad. How’s that working out?

      • marvgoux1

        It worked out well last night.

  • Golden Trojan

    First of all nobody is holding their breath. No Bowl likes to have the same team two years in a row. They all are exhibition games, including the BCS Champ game, since there is no play off. Sun Bowl would be nice for SC to make amends with El Paso, get a higher profile opponent and comes at a better time of year. Vegas more fun but tough time to travel. Either way lets hope it’s a launching pad for next year. A new HC and the last of Scholie limits, Trojans are on the way back. Beat the Bruins!

    • marvgoux1

      Golden Trojan is correct, with the advent of the BCS system all other bowls are meaningless exhibition games, so we should go for the most fun which is obviously playing high scoring Fresno State in the Viva Las Vegas Bowl.

      • Golden Trojan

        You are Money, so Money you don’t even know it!

  • Joe Blow

    Fucla: Whooo Hooooo. We beat a so-so SC Team.
    USC: What else is new?

  • bazinga

    This means that he picks ‘SC to lose tonight. I’m not holding my breath for that.