USC Morning Buzz: Ed Orgeron’s Final Coliseum Appearance?

Stanford v USC Is this going to be Ed Orgeron’s final game at the Coliseum? It might be if he is not named permanent coach or retained as an assistant coach next season. Orgeron and some juniors, like Dion Bailey, might make their final Coliseum appearances tomorrow night against UCLA.
“I haven’t made any decision (about going pro),” Bailey said. “I’m going to weigh the pros and cons. I think before the bowl game I will make a decision.”
Full story here

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  • steveg

    Is this all you can come up with? Very big game and you got nothing? Orgeron did state he would love to remain with USC. He said it to all the other reporters.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Always on the outside looking in. …..

    • gotroy22

      Did you see this about the ruins great academics?
      November 28, 2013
      Another academic disgrace: the debased requirements of UCLA’s English major

      -by Charles Lipson

      Until recently, an undergraduate majoring in English at UCLA had to take one course in Chaucer, one in Milton, and two more in Shakespeare. No more.
      Now, their department simply requires four courses in different historical periods plus three of the following (copied from their website):

      Breadth (one course is required in three of the four areas below)

      Courses offered in Winter 2014:

      Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Disability, and Sexuality Studies

      Imperial, Transnational, and Postcolonial Studies

      Genre Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Critical Theory

      Creative Writing (enrollment in any creative writing course is by application only)

      As an academic myself, I can say that UCLA’s requirements don’t surprise me.

      The University of Chicago’s “common core” in the social sciences recently instituted a sequence in gender studies that allows students who choose it to avoid reading the Federalist Papers, Adam Smith, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, etc. I was the only opponent to the change. The reason: the whole point of the social science core is to expose students to those towering achievements.

      Let me be clear: I am not opposing courses on race and gender. They should be offered in a modern curriculum.
      What I oppose is (1) the exclusion, diminution, and often degregation of core intellectual achievements of Western civilization; (2) the inclusion of highly-politicized courses that serve partly to mobilize opponents of liberal education and partly to allow students to skip what should be central elements of their instruction.

      -Charles Lipson is a professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Random comment apropos of nothing, but I’ll bite… Did you see this about pUSC’s great student-athletes: DFL in the P12 in number of football players making the conference’s All-Academic teams? Check it out at pac-12 dot net. Posted 11/26.

        • gotroy22

          Post it this week.

      • steveg

        What does a person do with a degree in gender studies really? So the bRuins can identify each other, maybe give taimex a little incouragement?

        • gotroy22

          At least now we know all these ruins are English majors.

      • Dr. Paul

        “Imperial, Transnational, and Post-colon-ial Studies”. With the talk about gays (below) are you sure this is not offered as a “post” graduate course in Anatomy?

        • gotroy22

          And they offer a field trip to the UCLA Mens Gym locker room.

      • HeySUCs

        Astounding minutiae from the vapid pen of Doc gotroy 22.

      • Random_acct

        This is all part of the dumbing down of America by leftists, who at the same time want to disconnect our historical foundations from the sheeple.

        • gotroy22

          Even though it is funny it really is sad that the UC system that we pay to support with our tax dollars is churning out brainwashed leftist kooks.

          • Random_acct

            Yes….the thing that makes me angry is we pay the salaries of leftist kooks to “teach” our kids their twisted and evil beliefs. Talk about adding insult to injury.

  • Sandy Underpants

    Also if the Earth falls into the sun, this will be Ed O’s last game in the coliseum. You don’t want to look past that possibility.

  • Go Tama

    Probably is Orgeron’s last game at USC as Haden will hire the black guy from A&M, he fills in the blanks on the form and it fits the image Haden wants, to be PC like Stanford, so expect more minority and gay coach hires.


      I hope not. A&M has not been looking too good…

    • G Man

      UCLA already has the gay coach.

    • steveg

      We really need a gay football coach. PLeeeaze! Just doesn’t quite fit. Maybe OJ would like it seeing he has been in jail so long.

    • grave soul

      What an ignorant post. But coming from a usc grad, it doesn’t surprise me. Many of you are stuck in a mythical past…it naturally follows that you’d want to preserve it.

    • CardinalnGold

      His name is Kevin Sumlin. Give the racism a rest. It wasn’t funny the first time you posted it.

  • Arturo

    Hope not.

  • Golden Trojan

    From Sam Farmer LA Times, “The showdown Saturday between UCLA and USC will give spectators a glimpse of at least a dozen future NFL players, and maybe more.”

    From UCLA
    Myles Jack, linebacker and running back
    Anthony Barr, linebacker
    Brett Hundley, quarterback
    Xavier Su’a-Filo, offensive line
    Jordan Zumwalt, linebacker
    Cassius Marsh, defensive line
    Seali’i Epenesa, defensive tackle
    Shaquelle Evans, receiver

    From USC
    Marqise Lee, receiver
    Leonard Williams, defensive line
    Nelson Agholor, receiver
    Devon Kennard, linebacker
    Javorius Allen, running back
    Xavier Grimble, tight end
    Hayes Pullard, linebacker
    Lots of talent on both sides has the makings of a great game. SC tradition and coaching will be the winning difference. Fight On!

    • HeySUCs

      SUC tradition=Washington State 10 – SUC 7 or SUC get one in the kazoo.

  • john wolcott

    If this is Coach O’s only SC head coach season he will go down as the highest percentage winner in Trojan history– (o.k., maybe Carroll’s is higher):
    7-2 or .778 at worst (even with a SUCLA loss, should be an easy bowl victory), or
    8-1, .889

    • Golden Trojan

      There were a couple of old timers that went undefeated, including a 1-0 or 2-0 record. Forget the guy’s name.

  • anno nimus

    I sure hope it’s not his last game as the U $c clown coach, most Bruin fans are hoping for his hire and further solidify our dominancce in L.A. football.

    • Golden Trojan

      Be sure to be back here on Sunday and repeat this post.

      • anno nimus

        it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow the guy still a clown of a coach. he has been in trouble many times for his recruiting tactics I would love for USC to hire him and further screw your program up.

        • steveg

          Please give us one occurrence of Orgeron doing something illegal in his recruiting.

          • anno nimus

            when he came to USC your stampring with Tennessee recruits

          • steveg

            That’s Kiffin idiot. And you can invite recruits to come with you, how do you think they get kids to sign up. Now show us something or shut up

        • Sandy Underpants

          Funny, Bruins said the same thing about Lane Kiffin, even though Kiffin was 2-1 vs. the Bruins including a 50-0 win. I guess actually winning a game in the series is so encouraging that you’d support the guy. I remember loving Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisal, but the Trojans were like 11-1 vs. those clowns, so there was good reason to hope the Bruins would keep retaining them, which they hilariously did.

  • EncinitasBruin

    SC clearly has the emotional edge and momentum. The key for UCLA is to neutralize the home-field advantage by striking early. USC wins if: their talented front 7 gets in Hundley’s face all day. If SC wins the trenches, and forces turnovers, SC wins 33-30.

    UCLA wins if: UCLA’s young OL does “just enough” to allow Hundley to showcase his dual-threat abilities, and free Jack up the middle. In that case, UCLA 35-33. Going to be close–could come down to the final few minutes and hinge on a kicker’s foot.

    • Sandy Underpants

      UCLA wins if they only lose by 21. UCLA loses if they get shut out.