Cody Kessler Says Not To Blame Ed Orgeron

“I want nobody to blame this man,” Cody Kessler said about losing to UCLA. “It’s our fault.”

That was echoed by Dion Bailey.

“It’s not Coach O’s fault. We lost the game.”

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  • ThaiMex

    I’m just glad your fans didn’t rush the field after the loss while celebrating another season UN ranked. Last week several people were injured when you knuckleheads stormed the field.
    When’s the last time you fools beat UCLA at anything other than Womens Crew?
    fit UN torgans!

    • HeySUCs

      CK is right. SUC loss was a team loss, just like the Stanford upset was a team win. I have no dog in SUC’s search for a HC, but Coach O deserves his shot as the real HC. Without Coach O’s management, SUC would have a .500 record or worse. SUC needs Coach O more than he needs SUC.

  • Bruin4life

    C’on Cody, not even a little bit his fault, No? Did someone forget to lock the coliseum gates for the little men across town? I bet Marquise Lee doesn’t agree. He’s wondering why coach “O” keeps playing him just to try to save his job, after all, he still plans to play pro football right?

  • Bruin4life

    Cody, just enjoy what ever bowl game you are playing in because come next season, you might be riding pine.