Ed Orgeron Says Worst Performance Of His Tenure

USC coach Ed Orgeron did not mince words after the game.

“I think it was the worst performance we have had since we have started back together,” Orgeron said. “No excuses. We just didn’t play well.”

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  • Dr. Paul

    Ed is a Class Act. I hope Pat Haden is too.

    • maze949

      Ed’s a white trash moron who went 10-25 at Ol’ Miss. I HOPE SUC hires him.

  • ThaiMex

    you played o.k. You just lost to a better team made up of a bunch of “little boys”. Barr looked pretty good tonite didn’t he! I gotta wonder if Vanderdoes regrets his decision to not attend SUCks? So Cal…be my b!tch! UN-ranked again.
    A great big torgan shout out to all my little torgan homies out there…
    FIT UN!

    • steveg

      I bet your little peepee really feels big now, huh?

      • ThaiMex

        Do you think that makes me sexy? Do you want me?
        fit UN!

  • tostevinUSC

    I am sad to say we didn’t win this game for one reason. We will most likely get some hack coach and wind up facing Ed Orgeron in the future. The fact that we lost players during the game didn’t faze Orgeron he kept trying to succeed in spite of dwindling troops and slanted officials.

  • realtrojan

    Hey, what is it about all this cardinal red background in this page? Does this represent all the burning anger of Trojan Nation tonight?

  • rusoviet

    realtrojan asked the important question – what is with all the ‘krasnaya’ (red) in the background?

  • Independent_George

    I was hoping that this loos would end the silly talk of “Coach O for Life!”, but, alas, it has not. Though it has given Haden an avenue to avoid the irrational Coach O movement.

    This game, rah-rahs, is what you will get with Coach O. 6-6 most seasons, with a 9-win ceiling.

    Look, Orgeron did a very good job, but all he really did was let some light and life into the dank and sufficating sarcophagus that Kiffin built. Players were finally allowed to play, coaches coach, but did anyone really get better?

    Kessler is not an elite-level QB and never will be (if “elite” means NFL caliber, then he isn’t even JDB level of very good), the playbook is inimaginatove and retro. Defenses still struggle with mobile QBs. USC still cannot recruit shutdown cornerbacks.

    It was like if the dour and lifeless Reverend Jones were your homeroom teacher, and he suddenly dies, only the be replaced by Bill Murray for the rest of the year. Of course there will be a time of joy, it was suddenly summer. But Bill Murray, however, fun, ain’t going the teach the the prerequisites to compete agianst the very best.

    And ignore the silly commentary by Mora saying Oregeron deserves the job. Of course he would say that. His OC and OL coach HATE Oregeron, and keeping Orgeron around will make sure UCLA staff does not get complacent. And keeping Orgeron around will only help Mora, because despite the excellent job he is doing, he still has to deal with 80-yard practice fields and sub-par (for the new pac-12) facilities, no home stadium within walking distance, a student body of more and more foreign students who could care less about football, and a campus culture where the only african-americans on campus are jocks. Keeping Orgeron around only helps Mora.

    • Saul Goodman

      I agree with just about everything. The problem is what better options are there? Only Gruden would be a sure shot and he’s a longshot hire. Who do you suggest?

      • Independent_George

        James Franklin. He wins wil sub-par talent and depth in the most physical conference in football.

        Pat Fitzgerald. Yeah, his record this year is bad, but he lost Venric Marc and Kain Colter, which was NU’s entire offense. And if you ever get to see an NU game, walk next to the team, if you can, and other than a few big boys on the OL, it is like looking at Mater Dei or Bosco, at best. The physical talent level at NU is more like a MAC team than even an medicore B1G team, and unitl this year, he has won.

        Charlie Strong, Kirby Smart, Lovie Smith, Art Briles, etc. There are no sure things in football. Just ask Nick Saban. But Orgeron dooms USC to JRII levels of mediocrity.

    • ThaiMex

      Curious George…you are a Monkey….
      -80 yd practice field- O.k. so you have 100.. Did you win? How many T.D.’s were over 80 yds.?

      -sub par facilities- Funding is nearly complete, construction will begin soon.
      -home stadium- UCLA avg. of 70-80 thousand per game! Home stadiums/facilities are important to you guys..S.C. Basketball…(build it and they will come?).
      -Student body composition- White sc47% ucla 30.6

      Blk sc 5.8% ucla 4%, Asian sc 21% ucla 30.8%
      hisp sc 13.6% ucla 15.3% YUP, you’re WHITER! I believe UCLA has the same number/more Black students than SCUM! George..typically I enjoy reading your MINI Novels..but not this one. You’ve failed! UN impressed…and again UN ranked!
      Mora the same Next Year!
      fit UN!

      • Independent_George

        Dude, i hate to inform you, but the lack of African Americans on UCLA’s campus, whether true or not (maybe I should have said African American men, because something like 80% of the black campus emrollment are women) is used in recruting from here to Maine.

        It doesn’t matter as much for local kids, but it is a huge reason why Mora has trouble pulling in OOS five-star talent. Some five star from SEC country says he is considering UCLA, the wolves descend with the no other black kids on campus argument. Whether it is true or not, it happens, and it is something Mora has to deal with.

        • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

          That’s changing now though, George. UCLA’s first verbal of the ’15 class is the nation’s #1 rated TE, five-star Alize Jones from Nevada.

        • ThaiMex

          Gerogie, georgie…You can’t have it both ways! You know better than that! Your original post stated…”The only african americans on campus are jocks”. next post from you…you state…”80% of the blacks on campus are women”. George…I’m a little confused…which is it?
          Can you also explain your theory on the importance of a 100 yd. practice field and the disadvantages of only having 80 yds? (I’m sure you’ll come back with a doozey). You’ve lost the last two matchups, and I’m pretty sure Mora’s arrival is not just a coincidence. I don’t believe the missing 20 yards has anything to do with anything (other than providing Torgan RAH RAH Wimps with something to gossip about). If i were a recruit, I’d be scratching my head, asking WTF is going on over at SUCks with the hiring of coaches like, FogHorn Leghorn, Kiffin, Petey the Cheater, and basketballs, Floyd, and drunk O’Neil? Responsible parents should be asking the same thing.
          fit UN!

  • anno nimus

    Buahahaha was he actually expecting a win?? I have a question, did coach O get fired in the parking lot?