Final Thoughts

Rule No. 1 if you coach at USC: Beat the archrivals. The playcalling against Notre Dame and UCLA was too conservative. But what happened to USC’s boundless energy during the Coach O era? Maybe too high for the game judging from that entrance by Willie McGinest.

It’s a bittersweet regular-season finale because Orgeron certainly could have been the popular choice had he won tonight. Remember Vanderbilt coach James Franklin is 15-4 in his past 19 games. Only Alabama is better in SEC.

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  1. CEO and SC got exposed tonight. Those kick off returns had a lot to do with it, but damn was that painful to watch

    • James Franklin is out of the discussion – Scott is just looking for a new boyfriend.
      Coach O might still stay, he just needs coaches and players of his own choosing, not those chosen by others.
      congrats to the ruins – Brett Hundley was truly the best player on the field tonight, but I would have liked to see the game played with Marcus Martin on the Trojan O-line.

  2. Nice win gutties. SC was badly out played & coached. My boys forgot that this was a rivalry game.

    Just heard that Paul Walker died. Kinda puts perspective on things.

  3. Have to say it is understandable if Coach O is not picked – the ‘rah rah’ can only take you so far and tonight was a time when the absence of preparation was evident.

    If anything this was a much needed lesson for Coach O – tough games require a plan – it was sadly lacking from id-way through the first quarter on esp. that 2nd td drive by UCLA.

    This complicates Haden’s next move – a win and no question the job is Coach O – a close loss and it is still Coach O’s but this was a beat down plain and simple – Haden now has to decide what is best for the program – not an easy choice to make.

  4. Moving forward, I have serious questions with Cody Kessler. His mobility is awful and I question his skills under pressure. I’m hoping Max Browne gets a shot next season ….let UCLA have their fun. We’ll be back

    • Yes, I don’t think Kessler is the answer at QB position, either. It appears the team needs quite a bit of an overhaul and rethinking at this point.

    • Kessler’s passes became predetermined, short and horizontal. The Bruin DL put immense pressure on the make shift OL due to being down by two scores. The OL could not compensate for the loss of Martin and Walker. The Trojans OC’s have never implemented effective screens and draws like other teams. Game Over @ 28-14

  5. Now that UCLA has earned some well deserved respect, I can’t think of anything cheeky to say about SUC. On the other hand, for many SUC fans on this blog, and you know who you are, SUC football players will still swagger on their tippy-toes about town because they have a Bruin Football up their kazoos. For all next year SUC fans, don’t forget: UCLA 35 – SUC 14. Big bad SUC: LOL.

      • Speaking of spinning sign. Here’s your new sign quote Joey – UCLA 35 -suc 7. Hurts doesn’t it Joey; you deserve the humiliation.

        • No. what really hurts is my “unit” from both your wife and daughter sucking on it the whole game. Thank God there was no overtime.

          • For all your deficiencies Joey, at least you have some nads to show up as SUC hits FB bottom. Can’t say that about the rest of your vocal SUC fan bro’s, who repeatedly whine about Wolf’s blog and defame UCLA’s football superiority.

          • I have no problem saying fucla’s football team is better than ours. No excuse, we got out butt beat. But I wouldn’t be jumping up and down over beating a mediocre SC team. We were awful, fucla was ok.

          • We will always be here to complain about Wolf. Congrats on your win, I can see you have a lot of class in your humility. It’s only football, not real life son.

          • Most of the rah rahs including Helen, Arturo, TrojanFamily and TrojanFan are nowhere to be found.

          • As an SC fan, I agree with your comments, gotroy. I appreciate that you always keep it honest and in perspective. Those other fake fans that you mentioned are just a bunch of rah rah bandwagonners.

      • Nubsie…don’t worry…your b/f, Fail will be there tonite to snuggle up and comfort you. Win or lose, he’s always there! What a guy!

        BTW, you’ve had more FIVE/FOUR Star recruits (granted, most come with those dreaded CHARACTER ISSUES) over the last five years than almost every other football program. That’s the problem with Special Admits. You can’t count on them. It’s gotta SUCk to come from a school with ZERO Academic Integrity AND have a football team that is mediocre.
        YUP, Your 75 couldn’t beat a bunch of “little boy’s”. Congrats on not being ranked, AGAIN!
        fit UN!

        • It might mean something if you had actually graduated from college. But honestly, this game meant zero. As I said earlier, SC had a so-so squad. So if you are happy comparing your lousy program to our so-so team this year, go ahead. Could care less. I’m sure you were at the game. hahahahaha. It costs money, so I’m sure you were still in Mexico.

          • bro, even if you graduated from SUC, which is as far fetched as pole dancers saving money to go to college, you are a zero for being so ignorant. Now get your bus tokens and go home.

        • “Oh boy, oh boy our program is #1 in LA. We beat a so so SC team. Sanctions, scholarship reductions, lousy coach that was fired, injuries, etc. Hey hey our program is better than SC’s sh!tty program”.


      • You were one of the biggest S talkers stating that usc would have no problem beating UCLA. you were so wrong. Eat crow, blow.

        • You must be on crack. I never said that. We had a lousy team this year. You had all the guns and still had a horrible year. You should have finished in the top 10. Disaster for the bRuins.

          • Oh really Joey? Where is all the braggadocio you have been exhibiting forever on this blog. Gone? Your team got its butt beat and it shut you up. You’re a fake. Booster my assh…you watch all the games at the local dive and you’re too cheap to buy anything more than one soda. Poor, pathetic soul.

          • Not at all pu$$. I’ll bet I’ve donated more money to SC than you’ve made. You in Scholarship Club? Doubt it. You’re one of the old fers that “bought tickets for 50 years” that doesn’t give a nickle. And douche bag, my TWELVE tickets are in T 7. Where are yours? And if you are a bRuin, my bet is you don’t give a dime either and wait for someone to GIVE you tickets.

  6. SUC fans, UCLA owns L.A. How sweet it is. BTW SUC fans, have fun at the “Take a Dump” Bowl. Don’t forget your shades and sombreros.

  7. Now we know Orgeron isn’t the long term answer for our program. He has failed in his last test rather miserably. Bring in someone else.

    • I disagree, he beat top five Stanford and held a team together that had been devastated with poor morale and dissension.

      • That Stanford game was a great win. But this was the most important and final test for Orgeron, and he failed. I don’t want to see him come back as HC. I want someone new, who will bring in at least some NFL experience with him.

        • I hope you are not married because if you picked a wife that thinks like you do, the first time you go off and she doesn’t…you are history!

          • Cannot remember all the experiences, often because of too many adult beverages. Hopefully, you too will get into your seventies and find find it is not a problem as it takes all night to do what you used to do all night. Go Trojans!

          • Jokes aside, I still don’t think Orgeron is the guy for the long haul for us. He’s a great assistant coaching material, though, as he’s already proven it. So it’s not that I want to see him leave. I just want to see a more charismatic guy with NFL experience for HC of USC.

          • I respect your thoughts and thank you for your blessing… I need all the help I can get. John McKay, John Robinson and Pete Carroll, I thank them all for the time and effort they put in “for the team” and do not begrudge them for “moving up”. I am glad TAMU came to our rescue as I believe the last thing we need is a coach who “doesn’t unpack”. Who do you have in mind?

          • Hmm…who I really want to see as our HC is Jon Gruden, but realistically, it’s a long shot. He’s feeling way too comfy in that media thing right now. More realistic option would be James Franklin of Vanderbilt. He seems to be a high energy guy with a lot of charisma. Chris Petersen of Boise State is another one who fits the bill, too. In any case, I’d like to see a new HC for 2014 to get things right for us.

          • Thanks for your thoughts. Can’t really disagree with any of the three if they would make a commitment to make USC at career. We should know in about a month.

          • Or even less than that. The sooner, the better, actually, for the future of the program. I think our program will be a dominant national power again with the right coach in very short time. Let’s hope for the best!

        • So what exactly did Orgeron do differently that he lost this game. I thought the players had something to do with it, like catching, blocking, and tackling. He has done very well and I would not be unhappy if he was named.

  8. I still think Vic the Brick is the right hire for SUC’s FB program. He’s got enthusiasm to spare.

  9. The Pac 12 had parity from WSU to Oregon. fucla got their bad game out of their system last week against the Scummies and played great tonight. Huntley was unstoppable on those keepers and draws, that kick returner on fucla just killed us with those returns, Jordan James even came back after missing half their season and their makeshift OL held somehow, no turnovers and their defense bent but didn’t break. Unfortunately we peaked against Stanford and Colorado and were flat coming out in the first half, fell behind and never could make it up. Every team in the Pac 12 has gone through this Jekyll and Hyde routine including Oregon so I don’t think you can put this on Ed. He kept the team together when everyone predicted we wouldn’t win another game. Ed has proven he deserves to be a NCAA head coach, if not here then at another school. Thanks to you Coach O!

  10. Our guys must have been fed with too many of those Double Doubles this week by Coach O. They looked to be REAL slow to get to the bRUIN players, especially Hundley. In fact, they made him look like Vince Young 2.0. lol.

      • What’s really embarrassing is our team made Hundley look like Young, and everyone in the world, including himself, knows he’s no Vince Young. Just what is it about USC defense having no answer for that type of running QBs. It seems to be the chronic weakness regardless of coaching changes. It’s simply maddening!

  11. Alabama lost today because their Saintly coach forgot to teach his boys that a field goal attempt is a “PUNT”. Clear cut coaching error. Based on the logic expressed below, the “Saintly Coach” should be fired! Do any one of you really believe that if any of the “Saintly” candidates that have been suggested had stepped in as “O” did that they would have done as well? I congratulate the UCLA team as they definitely played a better game. I also understand why the UCLA “fans” who had disappeared after a couple of “reality check” games have reappeared today and are calling for Coach O’s head. I would not want to face him next year after he has had a chance to make some changes. If Haden had made his selection based on the Stanford game it would be just as insane as his making his selection based on this game.

  12. Southern Cal fans need to realize something: the reason Coach O is still in the discussion is because NOBODY has emerged as a candidate. No of the ppl you want, or think you want, are even remotely available. Plus they are not interested any way. You’re going to have to take a chance on someone coming from the Nfl, or an even bigger chance on someone from a smaller college program.

    • This coaching search garbage is an embarrassment. It can’t be anything but one. You don’t fire a guy unless you have a guy ready and willing to replace him. And by all means, you can fire the new guy later if he doesn’t pan out. But this stretched out coaching search is just like the indecision in choosing a starting QB that landed Kiffin in deep Bruin.

      • You’re using the name “Bruin” as a substitute for “trouble”? I can accept that…and I agree with your comment.

    • Take your hand out of your pants and try to find a woman. It will solve a lot of your problems.

      • Hey Pauley, chew on this, UCLA 35 – suc 14. You’re a typical SUC fan with zero intelligence. I mean SUC lost to a superior UCLA team and were exposed as a common 8 – 5 team headed for the “Take a Dump” Bowl. But somehow you spin it into a classless personal attack, unworthy of a professional Doctor of anything. You’re SUC educated, that’s your problem. Take a long vacation. That might solve your professional problems.

  13. The Agin’ Cajun looked very Kiff-like tonight!!

    Stood there like a Dummy his trademark rah rah was no where to be found!!

    Clearly the moment was too big for Farmer Fran!!!

    • That’s possibly overstating your position based on inflated feelings of grandeur. He did an outstanding job taking over, the fact you hate people from the south is quite obvious.

      • Yes…that sometimes includes some people from SOUTH central…Congrats on being UN ranked AGAIN! Mora the same!
        fit UN torgans

  14. Notice how in big games the studs show up and play!! Hundley , Barr, Marsh, Jack all played like men, while Marquis dropped more balls, Notorious Javorious cried like a sissy, in fact a lot of trOXans were crying like sissies tonite!!

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