• realtrojan

    Bye, bye, Coach O. It was nice knowing you.

  • Saul Goodman

    SC played like a team with nothing to lose the 7 previous games. They looked like a team with the weight of the world on their shoulders tonight. Seemed like a team that was just never able to play “their” game. That seems to be a little bit of a coaching issue

    • HeySUCs

      Snivel, snivel, whine, whine. It’s not Coach O’s fault. SUC’s FB team was 90% recruited by Kiffy Goat. O did a great job and deserves recognition for rescuing SUC’ mediocre program in 2013.

    • marvgoux1

      Yes the pressure to win it for Ed proved to be too much after all the other great wins this season. Just look at how bad Alabama played in their rivalry game today, it’s tough to keep the team up week after week.

  • grave soul

    So what where all those overstuffed, arrogant usc fans yellin’ about beating the Mighty Bruins of UCLA?
    Crickets and crow…crickets and crow.

    • HeySUCs

      SUCfans are bandwagoners. Just last week Coach O was a genius. Today, SUCfans have turned on him like rabid gerbils. Just wait, in a couple of days SUC Chihuahuas will start blameing SUC’s lost on the NCAA, Knute Rockne, bad officiating, Eddie O, Obamacare, Pat Haden and on anything else that comes to their petty tiny minds. So what: UCLA 35 – SUC 14. SUC got bit*h slapped and they bend over.

  • tostevinUSC

    I have noticed something about this blog it is the home of Bruin trolls and a few Trojans. The Trojans will agree they were beat. We will not use the excuse of losing two linemen to bruins conveniently rolling their legs. We will not point out the White hat for this game is a known Trojan hater and rips them every time. If we did we’d be able to show proof of ignored holding directly leading to Bruin points. We will not blame the coach or the staff but we would caution against the cheesecake factory. So trolls enjoy this while you can.

    • maze949

      Uh, UCLA lost THREE OL, playing 3 true Frosh and a sub on the OL…try again. Orgeron for President!

      • tostevinUSC

        As I said it is not an excuse. It is too bad the bruins got away with as much holding as they did. But it is also too bad the Trojans couldn’t contain a block the O line looked totally confused after every blitz.