Kevin Sumlin Reaches Agreement To Stay At Texas A&M

He was USC’s top target and this obviously enhances Ed Orgeron’s chances at the job. On the down side, it helps Jack Del Rio too.


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  • TrojanFamily

    USC’s top target according to whom?

  • steveg

    Wolf must be in tears. Now who you pick Scott?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Wolfie is a James Franklin rah rah……

    • TrojanFamily

      He’s still holding out for Mike Riley.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Because Riley is the only coach in the Pac-12 who will speak to him. ..

    • carter

      A&M had to sign him or U/T would have tried to do so.
      No one mentioned on this thread except Orgeron stands ANY change of becoming head coach.
      That is not say that outsiders have not or will not be considered,
      Riley lost last night’s civil war game with his play-calling, and in the process….

      • TrojanFamily

        And yet Wolf still pines away for him…..

  • Joe Blow

    Thank God.

    • Ray Reyes

      I agree. PHEW!

      • anno nimus

        Yeah right. Lmao

  • Evil Robot

    I’m waiting for the “Mike Riley may have finished the season with 5 consecutive losses and opened with a loss to a D-1AA team, but he still has more wins than Lane Kiffin this season” post. After all, he’s only 1 game below .500 over the past three seasons and he can get mediocre football out of mediocre players.

  • Ben Factor

    I’m a little surprised by this hostility toward Scott on the coaching issue. Scott has suggested consideration of a good group of coaches–Sumlin, Briles, Shaw, Gruden, Peterson, Riley, Franklin, and the Northwestern coach. I haven’t seen him express opposition to Ed Orgeron, just report that initially, Haden sought a big name. Scott disfavored Del Rio from the start.

    Interviews and talk are what Haden should do, and what Scott SHOULD endorse. Haden understands the issues, including (1) Orgeron’s impressive 2013 accomplishments and familiarity with and popularity at USC, (2) the advantage of continuity and (3) that he, Haden, can never know the other candidates as well as he knows Orgeron. So why mistrust Haden and not support his doing a thorough job? It makes no sense to me.

    Orgeron supporters would do well to focus on today’s real issues:
    (1) can Orgeron and Helton get more out of the offense than the deficient achievements of the last two games?; (2) will half-time adjustments be as effective as those of last week?

    Let’s hope so. If that happens, it will show Haden something very important about Orgeron.

  • TrojanConquest

    Not a coincidence that he signed this extension now. I’m sure he got feedback that SC was going another direction.

    • marvgoux1

      Why would you be so sure of that?

  • Charlie Bucket


    Top choice doesn’t even ENTERTAIN the thought of joining trOXans!!!!

    now THAT’S a humiliating kick to the crotch!!!!!

  • marvgoux1

    I knew he was using us to get a new contract.

  • anno nimus

    Boom!!! There goes that idea!! I guess all the Benjamins at South Central don’t mean squat, when a school has built a reputation of firing their coaches in the middle of the season, at an Airport’s parking lot.