Lights On But Nobody Home At Coliseum

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Tough walk up the tunnel tonight for Ed Orgeron with his family. There was a sense his chance to be the coach passed but you never know in coaching searches how things will turn out.

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  • PERFECT metaphor for the trOXan athletic Dept!!!

    Wolfman you are an Artist with the camera!!!

    I can even smell the urine!!

  • Bruin4life

    I’m sure coach “O” is going to be fine where ever he coaches. Pat Haden made it know that although coach “O” is doing a great job as the interim coach, that PH is still looking for a right fit for the trojans. If I was coach “O”,I would also be looking for a right fit for me somewhere else. Looks like PH is looking for a high profile coach, instead of seeing what coach “O” is bringing to the table. The boys from troy play their hearts out for him. lets see who can step up from the get go and have the same results as coach “O”, just saying

  • Golden Trojan

    The Trojans looked out coached. The Bruins played stronger, whether that was Trojans over confidence or Bruins more hungry, that’s still mostly coaching. This game should have been closer. Coach O may not be the total package, but who else is better? Haden will have to pull out his original plan A from September. I hope O will stay but not as HC. As many have said, at SC you have to beat UCLA and ND.