A Notre Dame-UCLA Stat For The Day

The last USC coach to win all his regular season games, except for the two games against UCLA and Notre Dame, was Don Clark back in 1959. Clark was fired.
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  • Eric

    Clark wasn’t fired. He resigned to go into family business (coaches were not getting paid much in those days). He went from 1-9 in his first season to 8-2 in his third and final season.

    • Listen, “Eric”, if the wolfman says he was fired, then he…was…FIRED!!!!

      I pity the fool who contradicts the wolfman!!

    • Tom Oday

      He did a good job with school (57-59) under heavy sanctions. The last year a USC alum was HC for the Trojans.

      • Stu Azole

        Funny how “heavy sanctions” are such a recurring theme at SC.

        • HeySUCs

          Isn’t it though. SUC only wins and never loses without a contributing factor negating the obvious reason – SUC had just one horse at the mausoleum – Traveler.

          • Tom Oday

            Funny…ucla, UW, Cal, & USC were all on probation for the scandal that broke up the PAC-8 and brought about the 5-team AAWU in 1959.

  • Where are all the Dummies today??? Icing down their kicked crotches???

    Only Nubs is around telling everyone how much the trOXans SUCK!!!

    The Cadre will take it from here, nubs!!


    • Golden Trojan

      Sorry CB was out putting up the Xmas lights. Anyway, the Trojans did suck last night. It’s been that kind of year. We never knew what team was going to show up. Still 9-4 is a bit better than most of us expected from this team. Haden has a big job getting someone that can out coach Mora. Putting up 35 with a freshman O line says something. Still FUCLA. Someday soon Trojans will kick your collective crotches.

      • Haden has a big job getting someone that can out coach Mora. Putting up 35 with a freshman O line says something.


      • HeySUCs

        Nice rationalization. UCLA 35 – suc 14. With two true freshmen and a 3rd string guard playing tackle on the UCLA O-line. Face it Golden Showers, SUC is #2 in LA.

      • Nice work on thelights

        I just pulled down the Thanksgiving decor box to put stuff up!

  • Golden Trojan

    Wolf is pushing Franklin today. He’s been 9-4 last year and 8-4 so far this. Can he do better at SC? What would O do as Head Coach with the current staff? Who is the best guy that wants the SC job? Haden has a lot of work to do!

  • B.Miller

    And was Coach O.. gotta win the rivalries..