Lane Kiffin To Florida?

There are reports Lane Kiffin will become Florida’s offensive coordinator. Maybe Gainesville is the only place more disappointed than Southern California right now.

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    What if the whole Sarkisian thing is a hoax? It’s 99% true, but why haven’t we heard anything from the school or Sarkisian yet?

  • The Capper

    “Maybe Gainesville is the only place more disappointed than Southern California right now.”

    Scott, you’re such a tool.

    • Stu Azole

      seriously. Only half of SoCal is disappointed right now! The other half is laughing its collective @rse off!


        The question is who the heII is ucla gonna bring in after mora leaves for UW?

        • gotroy22

          Good point!

        • Toejam For Life

          John Gruden or John Harbaugh!!

        • HeySUCs

          Fight to lose finally surfaces. Just get bailed out of LA County Jail drunk tank and need post an opinion so everyone will know you’re still ignorant, loud and annoying? How about Team SUC. If you missed the game, SUC was inept and according to the prevailing excuse, lacked emotion because EO knew the SUC HC job wouldn’t be his. What’s your excuse for losing?

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            ah yes, I’m the ignorant one. How are you coping with all of the Asian students at USC? Still hate them?

          • TrojanFan

            Hey bucket, FUC YOU!!!!!!

      • steveg

        Probably much more than half of So. Cal is disappointed right now, we still have lots more fans than the little school. Keep trying little guttie.

  • Saul Goodman

    Kiffin’s ability to land on his feet is truly remarkable

    • Cloud Shaman

      His wife is from the state of Florida

  • Arturo

    And there goes SW following him in hot pursuit.

    • TrojanFan

      Like stink on shlt, pathetic!

      • HeySUCs

        Brown nose, If anyone knows, it would be you.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    If this is true,I am glad for him and his family…he will recruit well and offensive coord is a natural position for him, he will learn and grow into a head coach someday,wish him well except vs SC.

  • B.Miller

    As long as Muschamp is in his Butt! and not letting him call dumb plays

  • Fred Sampson

    If this is true then it will be a one year stint, because Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp will probably get fired after next season . So maybe Lane Kiffin should take the job if it’s offered , that way he can keep the getting Fired Streak going .