Steve Sarkisian On USC Job

Washington coach Steve Sarkisian spoke to USC this weekend and confirmed it during an interview this morning with Seattle radio station KJR.
“I didn’t interview for the job,” Sarkisian told KJR. “They (USC) reached out and I talked to them (this weekend).”

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  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    now the trOXans will have to BEG bald-headed Franklin to take the job, or wait until January to interview Jack Del Taco!!!

    either way, trOXans take another kick to the crotch!!

    ahhh, the Golden Era of the Cadre continues!!!

    • Bucket’s Lover

      Charlie, quit acting like a phucking idiot. Get back in bed so i can stick it in your a$$ again. And quit squalling like a little baby

  • Henry Bibby

    Sark > James Franklin. Neither would be thrilling, but Sark has done a much better job turning UW around.

    • Stu Azole


    • B.Miller

      Franklin has NO west coast ties, and has not experience in the Pac 12

  • HAWR-HAWR!!!

    LOVE the account of how Mora de Same yelled “we OWN THIS TOWN” outside the Southern Cal locker room before the game!!! the Agin’ Cajun didn’t even have time to get his Depends on before he be-pisssed himself!!

    UCLA OWNS LA, and the Classy Cadre OWNS this BLOG!!!


    • Joe Blow

      You are right. We do own The Cade. Since fucla won, you can open your “happy” SUB chapter. And do not use our letterhead.

      • gawd, you are almost as lame as T-Fail. dig THAT!

        • TrojanFan

          ….and fuc you!

          • Bucket’s Lover

            Hey!!!!!….I’m the only one that does the phucking with Charlie

        • Joe Blow

          You ARE as lame as ThaiBean.

          • Bucket’s Lover

            Charlie is lame and has a tiny peni$, but the a$$hole is still tight

        • TrojanFan

          Over 4,000 posts under 10 plus usernames on a rival is beyond lame. It’s an obsession that needs professional help

      • ProbationU

        You own the “CADE”? Actually, the CADE as in McNown owned you guys 4 times in a row…the only QB to win 4 in the series.

        • TrojanFan

          Fuc you!

        • rusoviet

          Yeah and his arrogant idiocy mimicing the NBA players parking illegally and then pulling the same stunt at the Bears training camp his rookie year – whatever happened to Cade McKnown? There was TJ Simers true ‘parking lot attendant not McCourt’

    • TrojanFan

      Since you won the game, how about an extra big treat….enjoy!!

      Out promoting Depends, nice!



      PS…. why do you smile when the flavor changes?

    • CardinalnGold

      I thought it was cute that Mora & Hundley were claiming that they own L.A. after the win. USC still received way more buzz than you gutties did this season.

      The gutties beat a tired SC team that ran out of gas (emotionally) after Martin went down. It was a nice win, I’ll give you that, but you guys needed the win way more than we did (and played like it). The win still didn’t have the same national relevance as the USC win over Stanford did.

      Nice season though gutties. Maybe next year your team will take the next step to national relevance and beat a top 5 team.

    • B.Miller

      Bucket.. great win!
      But saying UCLA owns LA is like saying the Clippers own LA because they beat a down Lakers team..
      Its cute for now, but means nothing..
      Lacking one thing…
      (See Lakers and USC)
      Great talk!

  • Cheap seats

    No to Sarkisian. He and Kiffin come from the same mold.

  • Dan Perez

    Sark is 1- 3 vs ND and ucla.. Thanks for your time Sark but No thanks..

  • Brad Hutchings

    Sark + Keep Coach O would bring tears of joy to many of us. Rumor is Sark called an unexpected team meeting today at UW.

    • Booyakasha

      much rather have coach O than sark…sark doesn’t have 1 impressive win in his coaching resume, save for the one Stanford win ( I think).

  • Walt Hazzard

    SARK is in