USC Coaching Search Status Check

This is the way every coaching search works. Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) is out; Chris Petersen (Boise State) is out; Jon Gruden looks like he is out. James Franklin (Vanderbilt) looks like the top choice but has not interviewed yet. Steve Sarkisian (Washington) confirmed he spoke to USC. Ed Orgeron is always there if nothing else materializes.

It looks like the “wow” factor is gone for any potential hire. Unless a wild-card emerges. USC is contacting a lot of coaches so it would not be surprising if another name comes out today.

27 thoughts on “USC Coaching Search Status Check

  1. Um, Jack Del Rio? Um, Lovie Smith? Leave out 2 of the top 3 names. I still think Jeff Fisher will get an interview. I still think Bill Cowher will get an interview.

    This hire will have to be a “wow” factor. Lol at James Franklin not even interviewing and Wolfie keeps pushing the bus. Loser.

    • Admittedly this sure isn’t as nuanced as Guerrero’s ‘find’ of Alford – now THAT was a really well designed search.

      We all just found out today Sarkisian was contacted – the only other one factually known is DelRio – anyone else is inferred based on the targeted candidate ‘resigning’ or ‘having no interest’ – it does seem to be far more serious an assessment than most would have guessed a mere 72 hours ago

      • Feel free to mock Guerrero all you want…he isn’t a Bruin favorite. Both Haden and Guerrero performed great BB searches. Now we have Steve “The Rape Apologist” Alford and you have Andy “The Mouth of El Paso” Enfield.

        • Well probe I’d rather have the latter’s reputation than the former’s – great game by the Bruins Saturday evening – well prepared and executed brilliantly.

          Wouldn’t be too hard on Guerrero – he signed Mora didn’t he?

  2. What do your “sources” tell you? Does Wolf Bucket have someone close to Haden that speaks to him?

    I suspect not and he’s just reading the articles like the rest of us.

    I guess if he can’t track down any info, he can always write more Lane Kiffin blogs, right?

    • ummm, Dummy, wolfman called Franklin from day ONE, (since last year actually) and that was before Hadden ever heard of the guy.

      face it, the wolfman decides who get fired and hired around here…..DEAL WITH IT!!!

      • Haha…your ears were ringing?

        Let me correct your post: “ummm, Dummy, I called Franklin from day ONE, (since last year actually) and that was before Hadden ever heard of the guy.

        face it, I decide who gets fired and hired around here…..DEAL WITH IT!!!”

  3. “This is way every coaching search works.”

    I should be saving all of these Wolfisms.

  4. The fact that the program is still suffering the repercussions of the sanctions and that it is clear that USC still expects a certain level of success is no doubt a turn-off to many would be top candidates. The school has what, another 2 or 3 seasons before it is back to full strength? And how long did Kiffin get before going on the hot seat? Yeah, if I am in their shoes, I say no thanks. Franklin has nothing to lose going from a program like Vandy to SC. Even if he isn’t successful here, there is still a chance he could parlay the experience into a better job than what he has now. Similar situation with coach O. He loves the school, and there isn’t a better opportunity out there right now waiting for him. But if he sticks around USC and can at least win a few big games each year, maybe his stock goes up as well, even if his overall success is limited while at the HC position. These are your two best and most likely candidates, folks.

    • You forgot to realize that $6,000,000 will make the “disadvantaged team” look like an interesting challenge. Bill Cowher.

      • I would somewhat agree if that was a confirmed number being pitched. So far, I have only seen wolfie and other writers quoting wolfie throw that number out…

        • Travis Haney, ESPN, reported it. No one quotes Wolfie, trust me. He copies and pastes every article.

          • I did not see that article, but I have seen many writers quote wolfie… I just roll my eyes and skip that paragraph…

            But even so, someone at ESPN reporting it doesn’t make it real. I hesitate to make any assumptions based on the fact that that IS THE NUMBER being thrown out. It’s a big number, even for USC…

            I think the best thing they could do given their current situation with the sanctions is to give coach O a relatively inexpensive 4 year deal and reevaluate in 2 years. THAT would be the time to land a big name guy if it isn’t panning out with O…

    • Jeremy Fowler @JFowlerCBSFollow
      “I’m told the USC sanctions played a role in Petersen’s evaluation of job. @schadjoe first reported Petersen/USC mutual interest”

  5. I think that we will have a coach named that has been off the radar. I think Sark was brought in for “reference” type purposes. I still think that they go after a Coordinator to be a HC or get NFL guy for a HC. The lethargic offense and the fact the defense got beat on the same 4 plays over and over leaves little doubt that a whole new staff is needed.

  6. I see the Bruins just fired their running back Coach Steve Broussard – things are getting more serious in Westwood!

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