USC Confirms Ed Orgeron Quits

Here is a statement from USC:
Ed Orgeron, who served as USC’s interim head coach the past 8 games of the 2013 season, said he is leaving USC to pursue head coaching opportunities.

““I am grateful to the University of Southern California for the great time I had here,” said Orgeron. ““I’’m especially grateful for the players on this year’s team, the coaching staff and the Trojan Family for the way they all fought through adversity and became one.

“I’’m also thankful for all the Trojan players and family members who have become close personal friends during my 11 years at USC. I am especially proud of this year’s team and coaching staff, who had to start a new season and then bonded, played together as a family and competed like Trojans. I’ll forever be grateful to the University of Southern California. Fight On!””

Said Haden: ““Ed is one of the greatest Trojans ever and we thank him for all he has done for the program. He and I had a very open and frank discussion. He understandably was disappointed when I told him we were going in a different direction. We talked about the possibility of him remaining at USC, but Ed wants to be a head coach and I am supportive of that. I told him I will do whatever I can to help him in that pursuit.””

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  • Stu Azole

    other than give him the HC job, of course.

  • jetman624

    When, in any 8 game span of Sarks tenure in WA, has he done anything as impressive as Ed O? Go 6-2 and take down a top 5 team.

    What in god’s name is going on inside Pat’s head? Did he swap brains with the turkey he ate on Thanksgiving?

    • Brad Hutchings

      Book smart. Better suited to the BOD than to AD position. We’d be wise to not accept a bowl invite as this point. Doubt the players even care.

    • HeySUCs

      Something is rotten at SUC: the Tomato can University. SUC rewards EO with a stab in the back and hires a Little Petey Pom-Pom flunky (basically a .500 coach) as HC. So much for SUC tradition.

  • another example of what a load of excrement the phrase “trOXan for life” is!!!

    poor Agin’ Cajun loses one game and EVERYONE turns on him!!

    it is abundantly clear Hadden JUMPED on the chance to hire a different coach while the UCLA wounds were still fresh!!!

    helll, he never even interviewed most of his “top choices” before he hired the one guy he knew would never turn the job down!!!

  • Toejam For Life

    Another Toejam for Life!!!

    • HeySUCs

      Funny, funny, nice turn of a phase.

  • steveg

    Boy, I bet Keyshawn Johnson is really pisssed

  • HeySUCs

    I wonder if EO was granted a last cigarette before the firing squad?

  • gotroy22

    Sickening what they did to Ed.

  • Helen

    We all love Orgeron and respect what he has done since taking over, but leaving now only hurts the players. What a sad way for the program to head into the off season after a bowl game that nobody cares about – especially the interim coach.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    I remember Orgeron stating he wanted to stay at SC regardless of position;I understand he apparently changed his mind.I also wish he had been offered the head coaching job.He was offered the #2 position and a top salary for that position,I wish he would take it.Nobody did anything wrong.Haden always said he would search for what he considered the best for the school football program.Sark has done nothing wrong in accepting the offer,and he is a very good coach.Emotions are high,calm down and think…please.

    • rusoviet

      Well said – sadly Coach O let emotion get a hold of him and now….he’s on his way elsewhere. He was offered a great position that he was extremely skilled at ‘and’ was going to be the highest paid assistant coach in the USA!

      Man – now add up: leaving CA, the costs of having to move, go through interviews for a job, watching from a far as the program continues to rise….

      Never allow emotion to be any part of a major decision unless it is literally life and death!

  • B.Miller

    Ed. O should not have walked out on these kids who he referred to as “Sons” and “Family” … Hurt and Disappointment is understandable.. but these kids admire him, and respect him.. should have finished the season with them unless he has something else lined up


  • Dennis Hogan

    Orgeron may have actually hurt his chances of getting a head coaching position due to his abrupt departure. He let emotions rule. He would have been better off sticking it out and let the offers come in. Maybe this emotional side of him was part of the reason Haden passed him over.