Questions For Sarkisian/Haden

Do you have a good question for Steve Sarkisian or Pat Haden? Submit them here and I will try to ask one at today’s press conference.

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  • jetman624

    To Haden: Just how far up your a$$ did you have your head when you decided to make this move?

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Do you like me?

    • The Capper

      “Do these pants make me look fat?”

  • Henry Bibby

    To Sark: What are the chances that recruits like Chase Blakley and Jonathan Lockett follow you to USC?

    • Stu Azole

      dummy, he can’t comment on recruits. Typical SC wonk.

      • Henry Bibby

        Stu, under NCAA rules, college coaches can confirm with the media whether or not they are recruiting a specific student-athlete athlete. But any further public comments on that specific student-athlete are impermissible. Who’s the dummy?

        • Stu Azole

          you are. what was your question – will certain players follow you? Even you acknowledge that his answer, at best, is “we are recruiting them”. Solid question my man, solid question.

          • Henry Bibby

            Backpedal much?

          • Trojan Hoarse

            He is moon walking like MJ in the music video, Billie Jean….

          • Stu Azole

            huh? He can’t comment on recruits other than to acknowledge they are recruits. No comment would be his answer, guaranteed. Dopey troxan.

          • “Will someone follow you?” is categorically-different than, “Are you recruiting so-and-so?”

            One is the student’s intent, the other the coach’s activity.

    • HeySUCs

      What’s a little cheating to SUC. Got helium?

      • Henry Bibby

        Do you have a handicapped parking pass for me? How much money did Sam Gilbert give FUCLA Basketball? UCLA is so desperate that they continue to take donations from his family. Pathetic, but they hired Karl Dorell and kept him for 5 years, so expectations are always low in Westwood.

  • TrojanConquest

    Did Ed Orgeron have an opportunity for a personal interview for this position?

  • Stu Azole

    How many current Jr and RS Sophs will now leave the program for the NFL?

  • Bill Simons

    IF Pete Carroll is considered the prototypical USC hire of the past generation, why then not hire a coach with NFL ties, especially given the subsequent success of Jim Mora?

  • Stu Azole

    Unrelated, Mora 99.9% chance of staying at UCLA and Hundley just said on Rome that he’s staying another year. BOOM!

    Oh, 35-14 seems to have been ignored here lately – 35-14!

    • Cheap seats

      It’s now 100%. Mora actually DID interview and asked UCLA to sweeten his contract along with increasing his assistants’ pay.

  • calkidd32

    To Sark: before being hired, did you think Coach O deserved another year?

  • calkidd32

    To Haden: what would you say to critics who feel this move does not create a substantial change in the way the football program will be run?

  • 22

    Is it true that Sarkisian plans to serve as his own offensive coordinator and call the plays himself?

  • Don’t you know I’m Loco?

    Why have the last 2 hirings been such a PR disaster, followed by a disaster control meeting?

  • Chris

    Sark, why are you such a lying, womanizing, POS?

  • FightOn

    Pat Haden: Did you already make your decision to hire Sarkisian before the UCLA game? If so, was Orgeron told this is the case?

    Haden: Do you expect Sarkisian, who lost to UCLA, Stanford and ASU, to win more than seven games a year as a Trojan?

    Haden: Do you think Marcus Allen will have your job once the boosters call for you to be fired?

    • Cheap seats

      Great to have you on this board! =)

      Where did you come up with Marcus Allen as next AD? I don’t think that was random.

      I surely hope we don’t use the spread like Sark used at UW. We don’t have a Keith Price-type of QB and I’ve always been a believer in POWER, pro-style football that has won NC’s here at SC.

      I look for Sark to use more of a multiple approach, but wouldn’t hold my breath it will utilize a fullback or tight end heavily.

      • FightOn


        There were problems even before Garrett with different expectations of the AD. Garrett was on thinner ice than most people think with some of the boosters – this went beyond Pete Carroll. Haden was seen as logical, methodical, and respectful – in other words, he wouldn’t be defiant in the face of sanctions. However, the pro-Orgeron boosters are aligning with Allen, who also wanted to see O as head coach. Allen is a HOF and a uniter – exactly what USC may need if boosters are split on the decision (or are upset about how it went down). Allen’s also much more involved in the program than people think and he is really close to O.

        The spread is an interesting point because even Orgeron talked about implementing some spread calls. I’m with you – many products of the spread have done nothing as far as producing NFL players (I suspect that those that were successful are very versatile players or beyond the norm).

        • Cheap seats

          I can’t deny the spread has scored many points for teams who don’t have the talent, but as someone mentioned on ESPN a while ago, what happens when all the teams adapt their recruiting and schemes on defense to stop the spread?

          It will now have difficulty against the power teams!

          If Allen does become AD, you can bet he wouldn’t be a big supporter of the spread. He’s said in several interviews that not having a fullback places the RB at a huge disadvantage as they’re running “naked”.

          • FightOn

            This is true: teams like Oregon have rebuilt with fast 3 stars who run a spread. But, even power teams like Stanford have proved they can slow down the tempo and the players have a hard time making good decisions.

            I think Allen becoming AD is not outside the question. He’s on call right now….this decision put Haden on thin ice, especially after Enfield’s debacles.

  • Erin

    What assistants are planning to follow Steve to USC

  • Chris Rey

    There are conflicting reports of the interview taking place, did it happen or not? Also, there’s a rumor that Pat Haden’s hands were tied and some very influential boosters wanted to hire Sark, is this true?

  • Helen

    To Sarkisian: do you plan to continue running the 52 defense?

    • HeySUCs

      No, but he will have someone run the 47 gap.

  • Holmey

    Sark, will you be making a call to Hawaii to ask if you can get your old mentor to call plays and reprise his role as ‘press-box genius’?

    • Henry Bibby

      They hate each other.

  • Josh

    What are you going to do keep players that are clearly up set like Sua Cravens?

  • Helen

    Scottie: how are you going to get these questions if you don’t read the comments?

    • HeySUCs

      The kitten has surfaced. UCLA 35 – suc 14. Your thoughts on SUC bending over so easily.


        Hey look, it’s the racist again.

        • Trojan Hoarse

          The dude has an issue with Asians, for some reason…….

          • Cheap seats

            The dude (likely Bucket with another screen name) has been calling some of us “losers”…

            I find THAT hilarious especially coming from a TROLL. That’s like a hooker calling someone a whore. =)

          • Guest


          • The Capper

            Best post ever!

          • TrojanFamily

            and apparently with women. “The Kitten?”

      • Helen


    • Walt Hazzard

      To Sark: How do you think Mora will do in his “dream job”? UW??

  • Eric Kenyon

    Sark: will you run a similar offense that you ran while you were at USC back in the day? I would like to see a one back check with me. Never have a bad play

  • Rigged4fun

    Here’s the deal. Peterson and Del Rio evidently weren’t interested in the job. Maybe Haden saw something in Orgeron that showed up when he quit. Repeatedly he said these players were like sons, yet if that was true would he have abandoned them with a bowl game still to be played? Unfortunately Sark seems to be the most logical choice with his familarity with southern Ca, and is a great recruiter. He has success with the UW program and could possibly bring along some great recruits. Hopefully he works out….

    • reknigh

      A 34-29 record at Washington sure sounds like a lot of success to me.

      • Rigged4fun

        From a program that was 0-12 when he took over….yes

    • USC “abandoned” Orgeron.

      • Rigged4fun

        What two games in SC’s schedule are the most important regarding success? Who didn’t win them? Is that abandonment?

        • Orgeron did a great job with your team this year.

          You’re not implying that Sarkisian would have done better in his place on Saturday, are you?

          • Rigged4fun

            Yes I do. Ed Orgeron is a great motivator, however his attention to detail has been questioned. On field experts at the UCLA game commented that the team they weren’t ready for UCLA. Furthermore there was no halftime adjustments made according to them. I don’t believe any of Sark’s teams have ever been described as lack of preparation.

          • I wonder how a team can be unmotivated for their rival.

            And I doubt that Sarkisian would have made a difference.

          • Rigged4fun

            I don’t know your football acumen however when a team runs the same plays over and over and is successful what would you suggest?

          • Last Saturday, there was nothing that the Trojans could have done to stop the Bruins.

            (Perhaps your inability to recognize that says something about your football acumen.)

          • You don’t need an “on field expert” to see that there was nothing that the Trojans could have done to stop the Bruins on either side of the ball.

  • Helen

    For Haden: how many football programs have lost two head coaches in one season?

  • Brad Hutchings

    Pat Haden: How did you manage to give Coach O an interim contract that did not commit him to coaching in the bowl game regardless of the timing of the hiring decision?

  • steveg

    Would you be willing to talk with Orgeron and see if he would reconsider coming on staff. For Haden.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Per his Twitter, 2014 WR commit Rahshead Johnson has decommitted from #Washington…… again…..

  • Cheap seats

    Not hold my breath that Wolf reads this, but here it goes…

    You mentioned yesterday that you kept coming back to Sarkisian. If there was ONE answer that was given during his interview that “wowed” you, what was it?

    (I have a feeling it had something to do with how he plans on dealing with sanctions, or Xs and Os on offense)

  • Burak Uslu

    Any chance Sark could bring a proven offensive coordinator such add Norm Chow or Redford?

  • Booyakasha

    Who are the 5 candidates you said you interviewed?

  • George V. Hausler

    Coach Sarkisian,
    You are known for your offensive prowess, but what are your plans to shore up USC’s defense against teams with mobile QB’s and/or spread offenses (Oregon, ASU, ucla, etc.) that are so prevalent in the Pac 12?

  • BadJournalism

    According to the Daily News’ own comment policy, most of the troll’s comments here should be deleted. Wolf must be right…he, nor anyone else, reads the comments…

    “…we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us…”

  • tostevinUSC

    In the NFL, Mr. Haden how many concussions did you have and did they lead directly to this hire or was it a coin toss?

  • what is your definition of “interviewed”???

    reports are you did not actually speak with Saban, Sumlin or Franklin. and Peterson just called to tell you no thanks… who were these “interviews” with?

  • The Capper

    Scotty, I have the best question that will make you look so much smarter than a third grader. However, since you don’t read the comments I won’t bother posting it.

    Ok, I was kidding. The question makes you look smarter than a second grader.

  • The Capper

    Is Charlie Buckets actually gay or is he just bi-curious?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      He was president of the Rock Hudson fan club, back in the day……

      • so you two are homophobes, huh?

        or should i say, latent, homophobes???

        Crapper, i could make real man out of you, you big stud!!

        sorry, T-Hose, i’m not that desperate!! but that Crapper…..grrrrrr!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          More like Bucket-phobe…..BTW…. I have numerous gay relatives and friends….embrace your sexuality, Chuck……that’s all we ask….don’t hide in the closet….it’s almost 2014, for crying out loud!!

          • who’s hiding??? just check my FacePage!!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Since you asked, my gay friends and family, who know me personally and understand my sense of humor, would have no problem with it…none at all…it fact, we joke around about them hitting on me all the time…’s rather sad that Rock Hudson, and others like him, lived in a time when they couldn’t be more open about their sexuality… way before Ellen, Rosie, Jim Parsons, Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris etc…….Out & Proud, Bucket!

  • Go Tama

    Mr Haden, can you please resign so USC football can be great again ?

  • Go Tama

    What type of Scotch do you like ?

  • Go Tama

    Why do you keep hiring dullard assistants from the Pete Carroll era ?

  • Go Tama

    Did you hire Sark to get UDUB to hire Mora ?

  • Go Tama

    Why did you treat Ed Orgeron like crap?

  • The Capper

    To Sark: “There is this young lady at my work, I won’t use her real name so I’ll call her Rita Sylvester. Rita and I work closely but she’s a few years younger than me. How could I make myself look younger and more desirable?”

  • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

    By hiring SS from UW, Haden just helped Jim Mora leverage his position and more $$ for his coaches, solidifyng Mora’s position as UCLA coach for the foreseeable future. Things just keep getting worse for pUSC.

  • Brad Hutchings

    Tim, who does your hair? It’s fabulous.

  • Steve Trinh

    Mr. Haden: The
    expectations for SC are to win the Division and the conference on a
    regular basis and to compete for the national championship occasionally. What did you see in or hear from Coach Sarkisian that led you to believe he can deliver on those expectations”

    To Coach Sarkisian:
    coach Sarkisian, what are your offensive and defensive philosophies and how are you going to implement them?

  • Cheap seats

    did anyone hear if Wolfie was able to get off a question? I didn’t… and it sounded like there were plenty of moments of silence where Pat or Sark waited for more and the room stayed quiet.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Naaaaahhhh……I’m sure that Wolfie was too scared… he got a GREAT profile pic of Sark, though!

  • reknigh

    OMG. Some of the folks on here really must love seeing USC be mediocre. Soem sound just like the bull we were hearing when kiffin was here. The Sarkiffin love fest continues for some while the program goes down the tubes. Bet they just love Pat c too. ucla will rule this town for years to come. the ncaa didn’t need too do a thing…just keep pat c in charge