Steve Sarkisian On Offense

Steve Sarkisian said he runs a no-huddle offense and that the terminology will be simpler than USC’s current offense. He said Washington was a run-first offense but be balanced.

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  • Henry Bibby

    “He said Washington was a run-first offense but be balanced.”

    Beat writer reporting is a lost art.

  • FightOn

    I remember his run it up the middle on every down play calls well. I hope he actually takes advantage of the talent. We wouldn’t have players like Lee and Woods if it weren’t for someone throwing to them.

    And we shouldn’t do no huddle. Not now – it would either mean three and out quickly if our execution is poor or a quick score. We don’t have enough depth to do something like that.

    Though, the actual quotes from Sarkisian sound like he may have other plans for USC. We’ll see.

  • CardinalnGold

    Great, just great. If SC was open running an up-tempo offense they should have gone after Art Briles or even Todd Graham.

    • gotroy22

      Or Rich Rodriquez.

  • Arturo

    SW’s imitation of Mr.Miyagi,”He said Washington run first offense, but be balanced (Danielson).”

  • calexrose

    i liked uw offense this year. usc talent is better at almost every position our offensive line is bigger our d-line is better we have better depth at the rb position. all sark has to do is get a good oc and good defensive staff. I believe we could have two backs break the 1000 yard barrier next year. nobody like tackling two 225 pound running backs 35 to 40 times a game especially on a spread offense where safties and corners have to make the tackles.

  • rusoviet

    Well let’s see how his idea works with the players we have – I know his offensive insight is legion and his training of ‘qb’s is his main forte – our legacy is the power running back and he seems to have produced very good ones while coaching up at WA.

    Other topic – Lane Kiffin was talking about hoping to land a job as an ‘OC’ elsewhere even the SEC in his talk with Dan Patrick – rumblings of possibly seeing him emerge down at FL.

  • B.Miller

    Sark is a GREAT Offensive mind.. He created an offense at Washington to help Price be successful..
    Im excited about him running his offense, RB’s should be especially excited