• ed

    I wonder if he paid the executive search firm for this hire?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      I suspect that engaging an executive search firm for a hire is typical and is more of a CYA move, in order to avoid accusations of discrimination or favoritism……most coaching hires smack of nepotism anyway…..

  • Helen

    What grade would Pete Carroll have received on his second day on the job? Really dumb question that can only be answered at least a year from now.

    • Toejam For Life

      Carroll would have been fired in his third year if he played by the rules! Now, Haden brings back a second coach who learned institutional control and compliance from the very best!

  • john wolcott

    Who was available?– The guy back East and Sark. I would take Sark because he at least knows the Pac-12 and knows quarterbacks.

    SC is still in trouble for the next few years trying to adjust to this scholarships’ restriction, so don’t expect Pac-12 championships (let alone national championships) for a while.

    • Toejam For Life

      With all the “tradition” and deep pockets, along with Southern Cal recruits itself and Sarkiffen is the best you can get?


        You guys just gave a 6-year extension to a guy who had 2 mediocre seasons!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Remember when Notre Dame gave Charlie Weiss a 10-year contract extension, worth $40 million, for ALMOST beating USC in 2005?

        • Toejam For Life

          You just hired a guy that has almost been fired for the last two years and barely gets 7 wins a year (thanks to a couple cream puffs on the schedule each year!) and who also hasn’t beaten UCLA!

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            The difference is, if Sark underperforms, USC will get rid of him. If Mora underperforms (almost impossible at fucla, with such low expectations), fucla cant afford to pay out his contract and a new coach’s. Good luck with that, buddy!

    • marvgoux1

      Chucky and Peterson were avaliable if Haden didn’t want to micromanage their staff hires. Sark knows mediocrity well, he would be a perfect fucla head coach.

      • rusoviet

        Jon Gruden? What an absurd claim! Peterson? He’s content to stay in Boise-ID, He has no ambition to move on – never has – never will.

        Try to cease using the ‘f’ letter – it defines those who do.

    • Toejam For Life

      Weren’t Bill Billichek, Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, John Harbaugh, Bill Cowher, John Gruden, and Mike McCarthy on the short list of coaches? You would believe so if you read this blog during the coaching search! I thought there were deep pockets and a commitment to football at SuC. Then, you end up with Sarkiffen?
      I guess you truly are a water polo and women’s track school now!

  • Gollum-Wolf

    Gargamel gets an A for stirring the pot and Trojan Reach Around gets an A for defending his bald, lisping, soccer jersey wearing beau

    • gotroy22

      Gollum Hoarse and Helen get A’s for never giving up on Sarkiffian.

  • Jackson

    When Sark gets fired in three years, I the new coach will be another USC retread assistant or player. My guess is that Jack Del Rio will be our coach in 2017. Fight On!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Let’s worry about 2014 first……..actually, after our bowl game later this month…..

  • B.Miller

    The hire makes sense! for anyone that doesn’t understand that and is upset about the hire because Sark has a past with kiffin… CAN GET OVER IT!

    Now we wait and see if its successful!

  • Mike K

    An “A” for effort a “B+” on result. I like Sark, but any way you look at it its a gamble. Time will tell.

  • Mike K

    I didn’t like Sumlin. All he proved is that a mediocre team can join the SEC and with a good QB do well. That’s it. Besides, he would have been another egomaniac who thinks he’s bigger than USC. Franklin, to far removed and too many unknown intangibles. Peterson is just another stoic coach…he might be good, but stoic doesn’t play well at USC (Remember Kiffin and the anti-kiffien Orgeron?).

    Orgeron was outstanding. Did a job nobody expected. But he looked lost vs Domers and ucla. It’s not that he losses, it’s how he lost…confused, like a deer on the headlights. He was unable to adjust in those two games or if he tried he failed. Sorry Ed, I love you, but Trojans can’t loose like that. One Stanford Victory does not make up for a ND and ucla loss.

    I think Sark is a gamble. Might not be the ideal choice, but it’s a damn good one. He has the ability to become a great coach while at USC. Just like Carroll did, Robinson once did — then forgot, McKay once did, and Jones did.
    Scott, I’m sorry you won’t get to flirt with Peterson, Franklin, or Sumlin, but you will get to cover entertaining USC football. Fight on Sark!