• He’s a nobody. All the trOXans cried like babies when Pola left!!!

    And NOW call him a Bruin!!! Stupid Dummies!

    Man! when Mora goes for the Crotch Kick, he kicks THROUGH the crotch!!! He don’t hold back!!!!

    GEEEZUS! How many crotch kicks can these Dummies take???

    • Sportsblab Jones

      And the winner of the most mindlessly idiotic comment of the day goes to . . . Charlie Bucket!!

      • wait, you haven’t seen my two new ones from this morning, cork-sucker!!!

  • Arturo

    Tee Martin is just getting warmed up…his ties to Southeast have already paid big dividends.

  • big deal!! he’s the ONE Guey who SHOULD have got fired!!!
    is he gonna give Marquis and Angholar buttered popcorn again next year? or will Marquis go third round as expected?? yeah, why don’t you just go ahead and keep wonder boy.

    • Danny S

      Had he gone to UCLA bucket would have gone to his signature crotch kick joke. This guy is a real peach

  • B.Miller

    good Idea.. T. Mart is the only SEC connect at SC for recruiting..
    SC Staff so far are all under 37yrs old..