USC Morning Buzz: Lane Kiffin Puts House On Market

Former USC coach Lane Kiffin’s house in Manhattan Beach is for sale for a cool $6,995,000. He paid $5.5 million for the house in 2012. Here’s a photo gallery of the house.

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  • john wolcott

    I always wonder about the moneyed people buying homes with 5 to 7 bathrooms. Do the rich go to the bathroom more than working people?

    And money does not go very far these days when you use half of what you earned at SC ($10 million or so) to simply buy a roof over your head.

    Now, it does have an oversize yard, which is great, but to live in Manhattan Beach, pay millions, and not at least have a view of the ocean?— Forgettaboutit

    • what the view is downtown China Town?? dont tell me: chickens??

      • TrojanFamily

        You been hanging out with your buddy Suckee? You both chant “Ching chong ting tong ling long” together? What is it about UCLA and the Chinese?

        • snarfy

          Come on now. Does that reflect well on USC?

          • FIGHTONtoVICTORY

            has nothing to do with USC. It’s “SUC” the racist troll who has a serious issue with the Asians at USC.

          • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

            Apparently he has a problem with white people and Republicans. He’s drawn an interesting, albeit predictable, profile.
            SUC is most likely an uneducated minority that hates Caucasians and Asians. He appears inclined toward government largesse, in which he benefits at the expense of others. In other words, a real deadbeat loser.

          • FightOn

            If you hang out here long enough, you’ll be exposed to how racist the UCLA trolls really are. Several of the Bruins here have denounced them, though, but they’re like herpes and keep coming back.

        • HeySUCs

          You are the personification of an ignorant, bombastic, wimp, God fearing, two-bit skank Republican bootlick. The Ching chong quote is most likely a Fat Russ rip-off. SUC: the K*K University. I’ll bet you’ve cornered the pointed-head sheet uniform trade. I can smell you from here.

          • TrojanFamily

            Do you just randomly sitting together adjectives?

            The Ching chong quote was from a racist UCLA student’s video blog. If you watched the news occasionally, you’d have heard of it.

            And simply, can we talk football on here without all the anti-Chinese racism? It’s a small request. A small man like you should be able to meet it.

          • HeySUCs

            Sorry, I don’t watch the Fox Republican Lies and Propaganda channel. But your concluding point is reasonable. Consider it done.

          • TrojanFamily

            Thank you. It is all I asked.

            Now you can go back to your illogical, inane, utterly banal attempts to denigrate USC. You can demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the game of football. And you can drip with seething rage that USC exists.

            Or you can go back on your meds. Your call, cowboy.

          • Joe Blow

            SUC actually heard that term while having lunch at Saul’s Deli.

        • ThaiMex

          you sound a little Ting Tong to me. R U ?
          fit UN!

      • ThaiMex

        Winner winner, “CHICKEN” dinner!!!!!!!!!!
        You are en fuego meester bucket!
        fit UN!

        • thank you Thai!!!

          MAN! what the heck is with these trOXans??

          all i hear on this site is jewish, hispanic and black slurs from NUbs, T-Fail and T-Hose, but mention a Chinese Chicken shop and the the trOXans go ape!!!

          in the old days lots of neighborhoods had poultry shops where people could get their turkeys cleaned and dressed for meals. all i’m saying is they still have ’em in China town!!

          when has a Chinese person ever been slurred by calling them a “chicken eater”???

          and for that matter, did the Japanese sit down, and have dinner with Pearl Harbor before they bombed ’em??

          fellas, lets go.

    • ProbationU

      Lane has always been full of c r a p, hence the need for several bathrooms. Sounds like he is doing just fine financially. He has a way of landing on his feet.

  • snarfy

    Wolf, I’m sure you know the address well from all the nights you spent tugging it in the driveway waiting for your man crush to come outside.

    • Cheap seats

      When does the restraining order end?

      • snarfy

        Probably right about now, which is why Kiff is selling the house and moving to an undisclosed location.

  • Helen

    “Inside Kiffin”

  • Fred Sampson

    big time house for a big time ego…lol

  • i gett he K in the bathroom, but what does the P stand for???

    doesn’t matter, i hear Jim Mora is buying the place to tear down and build a car wash!!


    • G Man

      Good thing! He will need to work there in two years.

    • jetman624

      Is that to help give his players jobs when they don’t make it to the NFL?

      • HeySUCs

        Mark Sanchez is a fine example of SUC failures in the NFL. Oh, and ask K. “Big Head” Johnson to see his SB ring – wait a minute, wasn’t he kicked off TB’s SB team? And of course there’s Reggie Dush, the NFL’s equivalent of SUC’s iron man, Silas Redd.

        • Mike K

          And all their individual net worth is considerably higher than yours.

          • HeySUCs

            Net worth? LOL.

          • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

            Do you know what “net worth” means?

          • HeySUCs

            Gosh no Uncle Scrooge. S’plain it to me, please.

        • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

          To simply call you a moron would be an insult to all of the other morons. You have no clue as to how unintelligent you really are.

          • HeySUCs

            Yawn. Is that the best personal attack you got? Yawn.

          • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

            Even ucla commenters here think you are a racist idiot. You are fool standing alone on an island.

          • HeySUCs

            It’s a nice island in the Indian Ocean. The really outstanding feature is the absence of petty SUC small people.

        • Wayne Fezkob

          And would you name even one ucla alum playing in the NFL?

          • HeySUCs

            Reggie’s hurt again.

        • snarfy

          Don’t forget perennial Iron Men Ben Olson, Pat Cowan and Kevin Prince

          • HeySUCs

            I don’t believe they embarrassed themselves or took money under false pretense from an NFL team, like for instance, Matt Liejerk, another SUC NFL Bust. LenDale White is a sure first ballot NFL Hall of Famer.

        • jetman624

          If only ucla HAD any notable players in the NFL to make fun of… then this might be a fair fight…

          • HeySUCs

            Who’s fighting. SUC: Washington University, South campus, is defined by its FB team – not academics. Your FB players don’t graduate, and are doomed. Case in point, Suitcase Rodney Peete, imminent NFL backup QB, has to suck up to Bandwagon Jimmy Hill for employment. Jr Seau speaks for himself. What’s OJ doing these days? What ever happened to Dillon Baxter?

          • jetman624

            Again, you prove my point…

            You guys are just too easy sometimes…

      • i call Cheap Shot! i hope you’re proud.

  • G Man

    If the guy had just let Clay Helton call the shots for the offense, the Kiff might still be living there. What a goof.

    • FightOn

      Better that he didn’t, though.

  • Henry Bibby

    Wolfie, jealous?

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    So, Kiffin is about to earn $1M+ on a home sale as well as get a new job. And all Wolf can do is stalk his every move while being stuck in a dead-end, non-paying job. Which one is the loser?

  • WEB_Dupree

    That big K in the bathroom is pretty lame. And check out the hovering evil spirit on the left in photo #6 — looks like someone put a voodoo curse on Lane from the get-go.

    I’d like to think that photo #28 was Lane’s room. I bet the wall in photo #34 was where he used to draw up plays.

  • B.Miller

    Your the only person still columist on Lame Kiffin



      • B.Miller

        thanks teach.. but no one cares

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    LOL … Goatboy gone