Washington Linebackers Coach Peter Sirmon Joins USC Staff

The Seattle Times reports Peter Sirmon will join the USC staff and coach linebackers. That means USC could have two Oregon Ducks on the staff when defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox’s buyout gets settled.

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  • sweeeet!!! he brings the cred of all the legendary Washington Linebackers from the last 10 years……uh…oh, no can even name one??

    we’ll take the recruiting monster Pola!!!

    but wait, what does the recruiting guru from the trOXan’s own website say??

    “About a week ago, Loyola offensive tackle Chris Brown was set to commit to #USC. Kennedy Polamalu coaching for #UCLA changes that.”

    even the trOXans own website gurus are delivering crotch kicks these days!!!!

    • FightOn

      If all you have to be proud of at UCLA is Pola, you are in big trouble LOL. Brown is also considering the Ducks – of which USC is adding to their staff. Oops. Facts hurt.

      • Stu Azole

        what? Which current Duck staff members are leaving for SC? Come on – which ones? Seems as if you confuse “Ducks” with “current Ducks”.

        • FightOn

          Did I say current? Can you read?

          • Stu Azole

            Haha, you said recruits would switch because duck coaches were coming to Sc! Haha, clown on!

          • TrojanFan

            Try one of your soiled jockstrap if you need a little support

            Can you get extra bacon with the new breakfast platter?

      • HeySUCs

        Washington University 2013 – 8 and 4, and SUC is now importing that staff to improve SUC FB. LoL. That’s akin to asking the Egyptian Military to train the Afghanistan Military. SUC: Losers on the Barby.

        • TrojanFan

          Did you get dropped a few things on the head as a baby?

          • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

            That wasn’t a nipple he was sucking on.

          • TrojanFan


        • TrojanFamily

          Jackass, it is the University of Washington. Washington University is in St Louis.

          Do you even know how to google?

    • Mike K

      what a pathetic life you have.

      • i know it, but winning two in a row over trOXans has me now feeling like the king of the WORLD!!!

        we OWN THIS TOWN!!!

        uh oh, funny feeling coming on!!!

        • TrojanFan

          “uh oh, funny feeling coming on!!!”

          Must be getting the a$$hole rung-up again……OUCH!

          Please use the 9mm, we would ALL benefit

        • CardinalnGold

          Awwe how cute, he honestly believes that. That’s like Clipper fans thinking they own L.A. because they currently have a better team than the Lakers. The Lakers are still the Lakers, and SC is still SC!

          Now run along & celebrate your fine little 9 win season.


          • are you laughing? or crying?

            my guess: crying

          • TrojanFan

            My guess; you are choking…..ouch!!

            Sound like a friendly game of tonsil hockey

      • TrojanFan

        Beyond pathetic!

    • TrojanFan

      Do some homework before you post some lame a$$ BS.

      Any word on the test results?

      Here’s the flavor of the day 8==D<<<…enjoy!

  • Danny S

    Funny, most recruiting experts in the know say he’s a major coup. Coming from a UCLA homer – Greg Biggins

    • Stu Azole

      how can bringing prior staff with him be a “major coup” for Sark?

      • Clen Jim

        You might not remember.. he was great coach. I was pissed when Kiff let him go, big mistake to bit us later..

      • Danny S

        Check back in February

  • HeySUCs

    SUC, Washington University, South Campus.


      Hey, at least we didnt steal their fight song, mascot, and color scheme! Go Berkeley Jr.!

      • HeySUCs

        Berkeley Jr. currently owns LA. SUC, on the other hand, is the FB queen of South Central LA. What was it like bending way over for Berkeley Jr – 35 – suc 14. Was it good for you? You know you loved it and want some more.

        • TrojanFan

          There will be no dessert for you tonight and take out that trash!

          PS….can you get extra pancakes with the new breakfast platter?

        • B.Miller

          Saying FUCLA owns LA is saying the Clippers own LA..
          you have won a couple games … congrats.. but you will never be KING..
          Smack yourself!

          • TrojanFamily

            Jay Mohr this week compared UCLA to the Mets. “sure the Mets win a few games, but when they go around saying they own NY, everyone else just laughs.”

      • Toejam For Life

        At least we didn’t steal our mascots from Shrek, our stadium area from Fantasyland at Disneyland (which is appropriate) and our color scheme from MacDonalds!
        Ronald MacDonkey On!!

        • FightOn

          Someone’s mad that they got kicked out the historic Coliseum. We hosted the Olympics. Remember?

          But, really, how about that fairy blue? Sounds like you’re just mad Berkeley kills you in academics too. Did Cal deny you?

  • Fred Sampson

    Why did Steve Sarkisian say during his press conference that he will assemble the best staff in College Football, when in all actuality he is just bring his Washington staff with him ? Let the BS begin with Kiffin Jr. lol !! He also said during the conference that that he wants the fans to judge him after his first season, then switched up later in the day and said to judge him after 3 years …..Huh ? Hey Sark, which one is it ?