Justin Wilcox Update

With Chris Petersen going to Washington, there is a chance Justin Wilcox could interview for the Boise State job. That would delay his arrival at USC. Wilcox was defensive coordinator at Boise from 2006-09.

Petersen does not want Wilcox to remain at Washington, however, with Dawgman.com reporting he hired Boise State defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski.

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  • Marv Elapes

    Why you talking about Peterson? No one cares on this blog, Trojans only care about championships. Go to the ruin blog if you want to talk about drama.

    • Trojan Rewind

      because it might affect USC’s future defensive coordinator…or do you need a map?

  • ;kjb;pkjb;kjb

    so now that washingtong poached Boisie’s DC, does that mean Wilcox is a free agent and we dont need to buy him out? Maybe we can donate that mil to the Bruins so now they have 29 mil towards a 50 mill facility upgrade!! We are starting our 100 mill upgrade at the colly!!