Clay Helton On USC Coaching Staff Futures

USC interim coach Clay Helton said graduate assistant Russ Cumming will coach the defensive line for the Las Vegas Bowl. Helton said he and other assistant coaches will be interviewed by Steve Sarkisian in the next two weeks for possible positions.

10 thoughts on “Clay Helton On USC Coaching Staff Futures

  1. No win situation. Fresno has everything to win and nothing to lose. Haden should’ve said thanks but no thanks and skipped a bowl game this year. It would actually save the school money.

  2. Most of Kiffin’s crap staff staying with fat boy Suckisian … wow
    Just as well kept the Goatboy and saved all the dramas. the game results will be the same

  3. Didn’t Steve Sarkisian say he will hire the best Coaching Staff in College Football ? Well it sure doesn’t appear that way to me. I don’t think he is they type of Coach that will attract the Big time assistants unless he over pays them like he did at Washington.

  4. Selfish Ed O.. you could have at least finished out the season with your “Sons” team you said was like your “Family”

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