Clay Helton On Ed Orgeron USC Fallout

“Any time you lose a figure like Coach O, you’re going to be sad. That’s a natural reaction.”

— USC interim coach Clay Helton

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  • tostevinUSC

    Translation: I hope he can find a place for me on his staff when it shakes out

  • LamontRaymond

    Alternate Translation: When someone takes a cookie away from you, you’re sad, and you don’t feel like blocking for a bit.

    • FightON

      I lul’d.

  • Oh WHAT, now Heltons gonna start crying too???

    The wolfman is the only trOXan on this site who can be called a real man…

    Well, Rey Reyes too I guess.

    • TrojanFamily

      A crotch kicker talking about people as real men? Chuckles needs to google the word “irony”

      • that’s it, you pushed me far enough…’s WAR TIME!!

        • TrojanFamily

          No worries. Rob Ryan has my back. And trust me, if you try to kick me in the crotch, I’ll send you back to your alma mater, the University of Phoenix.

          • you mean Gen. Rob Ryan??

          • Rob Ryan

            no, ninja Ryan *other *ucker *ucket. Sleep with one eye open. War time.

          • TrojanFan

            I’ve kick bucket’s crotch in so many times his peni$ is now a “inny”- (A vulva (pu$$y) that has labia minora (inner lips) and clitoral hood that are hidden by the labia majora (outer lips) when the legs are closed.)…ouch!!!!

        • Rob Ryan

          If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him – Sun Tzu. I think I’ve kicked your *ss *ucket.

    • Rob Ryan

      *ucket, going to haunt you every minute of everyday. Sad life, War time. DOS coming.


    Only the NCAA will be sad to see Mike Rae’s caddy go.

  • Fred Sampson

    3 years from now Ed Orgeron will get the last laugh , Sarkisian will field average USC Teams at best. I hope I’m wrong but that’s how I feel. Pat Haden thinks so much of Southern Cal that he feels he can plug anybody in at the Head Coaching spot, but I think he needs to be reminded of former Head Coach Larry Smith, who was highly successful at the University of Arizona before USC hired him and failed big time after 2 years of success . He was not a Championship type Coach and neither is Sarkisian .

    • BEATND


  • B.Miller

    Selfish Ed O.. you could have at least finished out the season with your “Sons” team you said was like your “Family”

  • Mike Smith

    Coach O is going to end up coaching in the PAC 12(probably at Cal), where he will make Pat Haden look like an idiot. Sark will prove he is mediocre at best and Trojan boosters will ask for both of their heads. Coach O is a better recruiter than Sark.