Fresno State Accepts Bid To Las Vegas Bowl

Fresno State accepted a bid to the 2013 Las Vegas Bowl following the Bulldogs’ 24-17 victory over Utah State late Saturday night. Their opponent is expected to be USC.

Talk about a trap bowl game. USC with its interim-interim coach (Clay Helton) and Steve Sarkisian in the wings while Fresno State tries to finish with a 12-1 record.

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  • rusoviet

    Shades of 1991 and the infamous Freedom Bowl – same two teams – but former USC coach Larry Smith’s (RIP) last game. Former USC AD Mike McGee famous reply to Smith asking what was going on answered “I’m outta here and so are you!”

    • TrojanFamily

      A remarkably poignant post for someone who wastes his time with a dinosaur like McLaughlin

  • Sportsblab Jones

    USC is 57-6 in the Las Vegas Bowl and 167-8-2 lifetime against Fresno State. I like our chances!

    • HeySUCs

      Sportsblab Hack: You’re thoroughly inappropriate. The last time SUC met Fresno State in the Freedom Bowl, SUC lost. Fresno State ran over SUC over like a Buffalo stampede. Just a another glorious SUC loss its unique cheating tradition.

      • Rob Ryan

        DOS coming tonight. Better shut it down. War time.

  • Golden Trojan

    And don’t forget SC opens with Fresno next season. Hopefully Sark isn’t another “Larry Smith within the conference hire”.

    • rusoviet

      Yes they do me lad – shame we didn’t draw VA Tech and hand the Bulldogs over to the Bruins

      • ProbationU

        It promises to be a very tough game. Fresno fans will all travel to Vegas to give them a home field advantage. Fresno will be pumped up and they have a great quarterback. Would be a tough game for Bruins as well as the Fresno kids play with a chip on their shoulder against the LA schools they think should have recruited them.

        If SC wins it will be a very good win against a very good team in what will amount to a road game.

  • TrojanFan

    Missing out on a BSC bid, I’m sure they are really motivated….haha! Being the degenerate you are, bet the farm on Fresno…..Vegas welcomes your money with open arms

  • BearBryant3

    Ucla is going to the sun bowl, can pac 12 get out of the contract. Maybe try to get into the bahamas bowl or miami.

  • snarfy

    Wolf, you’re so predictable. Why don’t you just call the game in favor of Fresno State right now and save us all the passive-aggressive commentary.

  • TrojanFamily

    To be a trap game, wouldn’t USC have to care about winning it? I see no evidence of that whatsoever.

    The gameplan will be to throw to Lee and run Redd all over the first half so announcers can gush about them. Then, second half, a bunch of three and outs and likely a 24-10 loss.

  • tostevinUSC

    Finally a silver lining to losing the UCLA debacle because they have a better record they have to go to El Paso we get Vegas where if history repeats itself USC will spend the night on the town and come out flat spoiling Clay Helton’s audition for another gig next year. I do not envy the staff at USC at all