Fresno State Coach Tim DeRuyter On Las Vegas Bowl

Fresno State coach Tim DeRuyter on the Las Vegas Bowl:

“We know that the team and all Bulldog fans are in for a fantastic week. We also know the challenge of playing against a Pac-12 school and look forward to competing against a very talented Trojan squad on national television.”

  • Dr. Paul

    I believe that USC was obligated to “go if chosen”. There is no question FS will be charged up. Even if obligated, I think that had Haden put it to a team vote, the team would have voted to go. The difference, the vote would have been a buy-in. Now, ironically the only real potential winner is Helton as a win would certainly help to dress up his resume.

    • realtrojan

      You make a very keen observation, and I agree with all of what you said. But don’t you think anything less than a BCS Bowl Game is now anticlimactic for us ever since Pete Carroll has lifted the bar for the program? In fact, I almost accidentally watched the 2005 Orange Bowl Game on YouTube the other night, which was the national championship game between USC and Oklahoma. Of course I’ve watched that game at least a dozen times before, but it was just awe-inspiring to see how good that team was under Carroll, especially in comparison to the current USC team. Could we get there again with Sarkisian? It sure would be nice, but there’s no doubt that we’ve got a long, long way to go. Anyhow, I hope your holiday season is going well.