Fresno State Coach Tim DeRuyter Said He Wanted To Be A Trojan

Here’s a quick Tim DeRuyter quote: “I grew up wanting to be a Trojan. It didn’t work out that way because they didn’t want me.

“You get a chance to compete against the likes of a USC with the talent that they have and their history and tradition, it’s a great opportunity for Fresno State.”

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  • FightON

    He’s from Bosco so that makes sense.

    Another interesting point: before Petersen, apparently UW was eyeing DeRuyter, though that may be speculation.

    • rusoviet

      No you’re right, that’s what Fox Sports reported as well as CBS Sports.

      Funny how no one ever dreamt of being a Bruin

      • TrojanFamily

        Bucket does. Maybe someday he can get into an extension class

        • rusoviet

          Badda bing!

        • Joe Blow

          Forget it, bucket doesn’t even have a GED.

        • Cheap seats

          Yeah right. His ratio of postings here vs. on the Bruin boards are at least 100:1.

          He wants to be a Trojan and wasn’t accepted somewhere down the road.

      • Stu Azole

        Klemm did. Oh, and the guy who just won the Lott award did. HarHar!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          That sounds like a prestigious award. Who is it named for?

        • Rob Ryan

          That’s right the Lott award. Not the Foster Award or Cory Paus Award, or Cade Unknown Award. *sshole you dumb bear.

  • sounds like coacher has a HUGE chip on his shoulder!!!
    Bulldogs smell blood in the water after the trOXans were violated in their own house by the BRUINS!!!
    how does a team come back from an asss whooopin’ like THAT??? one that cost the team their beloved coach O???
    the Guilt, the Shame, the physical beating…..Memo to Cadre lay LOTS of cash on Fresno St, early and often!!!

    • Joe Blow

      The Cadre is NOT interested in any recommendation you make. Shut up. Reach out to your own chapter. In fact, we might revoke your charter is you keep this crap up.

    • Cheap seats

      What exactly is your obsession with USC where you spend at least 5 hours of your day here sometimes even posting at 3 and 6 AM?

      I guess they DO allow internet access in the mental institute?

    • Rob Ryan

      Where are you *ucket. Pull your *ick out of Mex.

  • ProbationU

    It appears that SC didn’t want him twice. I don’t think Haden interviewed him.

  • great story today in World Chanpion: new Southern Cal coach Khardasian tried FOUR times to barge into a class to recruit a player at Narbonne, but the teacher told him honk off, and scolded him for trying to use his celebrity to interrupt classes!!!

    can the trOXans do ANYTHING these days without getting kicked in the crotch???

    • FightON

      Once again…facts are hard. You’re digging up some random LA Times story about a HS teacher sending away aides who were trying to get a recruit to go to the athletics office…which happened months ago…to a USC commit…being looked at by the then UW coach, Sark.

      Pwned. Yet again.

    • Rob Ryan

      This from a guy that sits in a chocolate factory bum rushing Oompa Loompas and trolling USC. *uck you. War time.

      • H y! st p ha k ng my Co p ter!!!

        He p! H lp!

        • Rob Ryan

          *ucket, out of your league pauper. War time.

  • Joe Blow

    Everyone NOT a Trojan, wants to be one. Nothing new here.

    • FightON

      It’s true. I picked USC over Berkeley and Stanford. Too good of a tradition/networking opportunities to pass up.

      • Saul Goodman

        You’re an i**ot if you passed on Stanford or a bigger one for lying about it to make yourself feel good in front of anonymous posters on a sports blog.

        • FightON

          I know people who passed up Harvard for USC. Why? Networking. Legacy. Trojan family.

          If you think Ivy is so different, you’re clueless to the politics of academia. I know idiots who attended Ivy schools and geniuses who attended CSU schools – really, rank is relative and generally unimportant. Don’t feel that I’ve missed out on major opportunities had I chosen another school.

          You can ad hominem all you want, but it makes you look a ignorant (which, no doubt, you probably are).

          Stick around, though. I’ll embarrass you enough.

          • ThaiMex

            nigggggah please….the only people you’ve embarrassed is your mom and your daddy (who you’ve NEVER met)
            fit un Ghetto child!

          • Rob Ryan

            Mex get to steppin’. Every post will be met with another and another. DOS coming. If you know the lingo then you know what that means. War Time *ucker.

          • FightON

            Heyyy, the racist is back!

          • Stu Azole

            Networking? Really? Over Harvard? Bwahahahahaha!

          • FightON

            Someone didn’t go to college. And they’re sad.

            Hey, how’s the surfing going?

          • Rob Ryan

            better than being unemployed and trolling on Wolfie’s blog *sshole. Your network – *ucket, Mex, Toe, Hey. Great group of *ussies.

  • Good to see that this Fresno team from the Head Coach down is going to use the “USC didn’t want me”, “USC didn’t recruit me” as motivation for this game. I for one am tired of this tool, I’m sure if we had 117 rides to give each season everyone could come. Just shut up and play, you want to play in the big time, coach in the big time, don’t bring this sob story how you wanted to be somewhere, since the reality is you wanted to be somewhere you could be on the field and have playing time.

  • Arturo

    Who doesn’t or didnt’ want to play for SC football growing up. I used to imagine being Leroy Holt when I played high school ball at North Hollywood.

  • Stu Azole

    Just me, but that’s the guy who should have been named SC’s new head coach last week.

  • Fred Sampson

    I would have preferred him over Steve Sarkisian any day of the week.

  • B.Miller