Morning Buzz: Lou Holtz Says USC Made `Mistake’ Hiring Steve Sarkisian


Lou Holtz came out against USC hiring Steve Sarkisian on ESPN’s College Football Final:

“I believe USC made a mistake by hiring Steve Sarkisian. Wonderful coach. 34-29 at Washington which is barely above.500. A school like USC could have hired almost any coach in the entire country to come in there.

“They should have an established coach who has proven that he can win on a consistent basis. Let’s remember this. He also had two great quarterbacks while at Washington.”

His colleague, Mark May, supported the hire:

“I think Steve Sarkisian is the right pick for USC. Ed Orgeron did a terrific job.  But he rebuilt the Washington program in that image. The next step is go back home. Back in the family, back in the fold at USC.”

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  • rusoviet

    Sometime watch ‘The McLaughlin Group’ usually airs Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings on PBS. On the left side of the platform is Lou Holtz’s female cosuin – Eleanor Clft – all guests have to sign a clause in their contract to appear that they will refrain from ‘insulting’ ‘rolling their eyes’ ‘telling the truth’ if they ever want to be on the show again.

    They drag this fool out every odd numbered year when they face USC or maybe he invites himself – ahh whatever.

    He got lightening in a bottle (1988) and has used that ‘moment’ ever since – USC has made a great hire – Holtz is nothing but a pathetic bitter fool.

    • marvgoux1

      The memory of that ND game 25 years ago still hurts. That was one of my favorite Trojan squads. We just came out flat after punking Troy Aikman the week before.

      • Trojan Twice

        You mean Troy “I never Beat USC” Aikman?

      • rusoviet

        That was the last one I attended – i was down there when we had Notre Dame pinned inside the 10 yd. line (Peristyle end) late 2nd qtr. – Tony Rice threw that short dump pass over the linemen and bang – TD Notre Dame and game over. Then the coup de grace – Smith complaining about playing both UCLA & Notre Dame back-to-back. Obvious he was out of his league.

    • Gee he kicked the trOXans crotch 12 out of 13 games!!!!

      so WHO is the bitter fool???
      eh, ta@@ette???


      • Rob Ryan

        *uck you crotch lover. Will hunt you down everyday and *uck you up *ucket. War time.

    • I mean no offense to Eleanor, but both her politics and her shrieking grate.

  • tigerbalm2010

    Poor Granny is still pissed he didn’t get the job (or an interview for that matter). GRANNY: Wake up and smell the Ben-Gay! Last time I checked, no decent team runs your stupid wishbone any more.

  • Joe Blow

    Holtz is a sour puss loser. A huge thanks To Herbie and Fowler for assisting in SC recruiting yesterday on

  • Stu Azole

    Yes, yes, he’s the only one who thinks SC could have done better. Lol, he’s the only guy at ESPN who apparently still believes the Sc tradition thing like you clowns do and yet you bash him. Dopes.

    • TrojanFan

      Dude, do you ever sleep? Must be the Dementia keeping you up at night

    • steveg

      There you go calling people names again. Just once post something constructive will ya?

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket acting like a dic!

    • rusoviet

      Thank you Eleanor Clift … it is so you Eleanor – say it darling as only you can

      “EXCUSE ME!”

      Good girl now back to your dawg house

    • rusoviet

      Well you maybe on to something – he never mentions ‘UCLA’ then again who does?

  • WEB_Dupree

    Wolf, you have got to do a better job transcribing what Holtz said:

    ““I believe UEshShe made a mishtake by hiring Shteve Sharkishian. Wonderful coach. 34-29 at Washington which ish barely above.500. A shchool like UEshShe could have hired almosht any coach in the entire country to come in there.”

    There, fixed it for you.

    • FightON

      I’m being a shallow jerk by saying this, but seriously, his voice gives me a headache. I can’t listen to his commentary on any team.

      That, and the fact that ND reigns supreme in his mind. Even when they’re losing.

      • he sure OWNED Southern Cal!!!
        how come NOT ONE DUMMY mentions this???
        surely, the man who kicked all your crotches so badly over a decade can’t get a fair shake here….can he????
        you GO, Dr Lou!!

        • FightON

          First: how can Lou win 12/13 when he was coach from 86-96? Lulz.

        • FightON

          Tell me more about UCLA’s record against Sarkisian, too. Lulz.

        • Rob Ryan

          still going to *uck you up *ucket. Keep it up. War time.

        • steveg

          There you go talking about crotches again, got a fixation?

      • steveg

        Dude, they have a statue of him and a gate named after him at the stadium. Sure he loves ND.

  • TrojanFan

    No one gives a fuc what bucket’s brother has to say!

  • Golden Trojan

    All Lou Holtz wants is for SC to keep losing to ND, and ND to win a Nat Champ. Neither of which are happening now.

    • Stu Azole

      Wait, did I miss the part where SC didn’t lose to ND this year?

      • TrojanFan

        You start trolling a rival blog first thing in the morning, pathetic…..must suck to be you!

        • steveg

          I agree, it must really really suck.

        • HeySUCs

          Why are your eyes so close together?

          • Rob Ryan

            there goes Hey again. time to jack you up. War time.

  • Jack B

    Holtz is senile and supremely biased. Anyone who has watched him lately can see this. I guarantee you this. If ND had just hired Sark, Holtz would have said the irish hit the jackpot and that Sark was ready to flourish in South Bend, having resurrected the Huskies. Guaranteed.

    • Helen

      Nicely said. I’m surprised ESPN keeps Holtz around as he clearly is out of touch.

      • rusoviet

        I agree the right touch by jack B on one who hasn’t a bit of insight.

      • HeySUCs

        I suppose the Goat was really in touch?

    • marvgoux1

      Nope, he isn’t that senile. Only Sunshine Pumpers who sincerely believe we deserve an underachieving coach are defending this disappointing hire. And of course, the reliable Mark May.

      • Unless USC Football has become UCLA Basketball or the Los Angeles Lakers, you’d expect your program to have a legitimate shot at the top names in the country.

        The fact that Petersen rejected USC — just as he rebuffed UCLA — and no other big names seem to have been real possibilities suggests that the program has lost its shine.

        Of course, Sarkisian could end up being just what USC needs; few people rejoiced at Carroll or Mora’s hires.

    • steveg

      Nothing flourishes in South Bend. How ND can recruit anybody is beyond anything I can understand. What an absolute endless winter dump.

  • BearBryant3

    He’s saying what we all thought, most think usc just settled.

  • Toejam For Life

    Holtz is right on and most of you fools were echoing the same sentiment during the coaching search with talks of Gruden, Fisher, Del Rio, Herm Edwards or Tony Dungy! Then, you end up with Sarkiffen who is only Kiffen with a different color visor! Lose On Fools!

    • Rob Ryan

      Toe it’s time to go. I’ll hunt you down. Hack attack coming if you’re not off here today. War time.

  • Yale O. Leftwich

    Lou Holtz,moving right along, SC pays the salary of these coaches and the ones who choose them;the alumni make their opinions known as do the fans…they were even less pleased with Pete Carroll before,during and after.I also noticed he was reamed for leaving and what a failure he would be as a pro coach…wrong again…some people are so arrogant and full of themselves, they border on offensive,rude,etc…fight on…

  • FightON

    Whenever Holtz talks, all I can think about is the Babwa Wawa skit on SNL.

    • when DR Lou talks, all i can think of is how he kicked the trOXans crotches all over the field 12 outta 13 years!!!

      bow to your MASTER, DUMMIES!!! bow in SERVITUDE!!!!

      • FightON

        You of all people should be familiar with being on your knees.

        • what is that some kind of childish homophobic insult???
          is that 3rd or 4th grade material???
          that’s ALL you DUMMIES got left???
          The CADRE OWNS THIS BLOG!!

          • TrojanFan

            You are right, the cadre owns this blog!… get to work on the shitters we have an executive meeting this afternoon

            …..and if I need any shlt out of you l’ll squeeze your head

          • Rob Ryan

            only here to *uck you up *ucket. War time. DOS tonight.

          • Joe Blow

            The Cadre DOES own this board. Now you little guys in the Gay Chapter move along. NOw

          • steveg

            are you going to invite Helen to the next ladies night a the cadre hq? We are going to strap a bomb on her.

          • i’m all for strapping a bomb to her.

            but only if they have a bomb that only disables a female’s big mouth!

          • FightON

            Predictable troll is predictable.

            You know I’m wasting your time right? You fall for my bait and respond with paragraphs everytime I send you a one-liner. LOL.

        • TrojanFan

          According to a confirmed source, he has a large collection of knee pads

        • nice job! you inspired the mental retarrd with your penis reference!
          no WONDER the Cadre OWNS this blog!

          • Rob Ryan

            *ucket. Everywhere you go. War time. DOS coming tonight.

      • Rob Ryan

        We’re *ucking you up *ussy. War time.

  • DR LOU!!!!!! the trOXans killer!!


    Notre Dame kicked trOXans’ asss 12 outta 13 yeara under the Dr., so show respect to your OWNER, DUMMIES!!!!

    and Lou predicted another whoooping this year “Bring a lunch trOXans cuase its gonna be a long asss day!!!”
    and once AGAIN, Dr Lou is DEAN ON!!! Khardasian is gonna TANK!!! so says DR LOU!!!

    the fact is, Hadden PANICKED and jumped at Khardasian after no one would return his calls!!! then he tried to lie and say he “interviewed” candidates that he NEVER TALKED TO!!! What a st-st-stupid IDIOT!!!

    • FightON

      Facts wrong. Yet again. Lulz.

    • Rob Ryan

      ok mother *ucker now it’s on. Night and day, every post. DOS coming. War time.

    • Joe Blow

      Ask Mark Cusano how owned SC was by ND.

  • tostevinUSC

    Lou Holtz had a shorter cameo in the blind side than Orgeron and Sark wasn’t in the movie at all. that’s how low we have gone

  • Arturo

    This alone should help garner support for Coach S.

  • HeySUCs

    The problem with the SUCUDuB fans is they are annoyed that Holtz is probably right on in his negative assessment of Haden’s desperation Sack/UDub staff raid. Is Sack the best SUC could do? A Mic…key mouse hire based on pixie dust dreams. Tinker Bell is happy.

    • Rob Ryan

      Hey – bullseye on you again. DOS coming tonight since you won’t disappear. War time.

  • Arturo

    Lou (ser) Holtz also predicted that no SEC team would play for the Natty. Close, but no ticket.

  • B.Miller

    Holtz is still alive?