USC Finishes 26th In AP Poll

The Trojans just missed making the Top 25, finishing two points behind No. 25 Notre Dame. Fresno State is No. 21.

BCS guru Jerry Palm projects USC to be 26th in tonight’s Bowl Championship Series rankings.

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  • rusoviet

    What still is indelible is seeing Haden and Sarkisian in Indianapolis-IN yesterday morning – what a graphic display of our legacy – having lost to both our bitter foes and there, on national tv, the AD and the new HC of Troy being interviewed about what the nation can expect next – victory!

    1. Win the bowl game

    2.Turn the page and get ready for 2014

    • I recall seeing either Neu or Mora interviewed at a big game after being named head coach at UCLA.

      Of course, any time USC hires a new football coach it’s national news, but I don’t think the airtime Sarkisian and Haden received is unprecedented.

      (By the way, I didn’t vote your comment down.)

      • rusoviet

        Hey that sounds like a typical ‘lib’ reply – “Uh i recall this happened but I don’t know when or where.”

        Come back with a link when you can display where anyone on a national presentation bothered to interview Neuheisel or Mora

        • That’s unnecessarily hostile.

          The fact that I was watching it is enough.

  • i other words, wolfman, trOXans are UNRANKED!!!!

    weren’t they ranked #6 by the venerable Phil Steele????
    another FREE FALL!!!!

    say it like it IS wolfman!!!!

    i know you are going easy on the Dummies cause of all the crotch kicks i’ve given them. but lets face it, they DESERVE everything they get!!!


    Memo to Cadre: you will all be receiving a collectors edition of “Golden Age of the Cadre” pewter beer mugs with glass bottoms!!! the images of members of the Cadre executive council are engraved on the mug, along the “Golden Age of the Cadre” in gold leaf!!! our vendor guaran-fing-teed pre-xmas delivery to your homes!!!

    • TrojanFan

      You senile piece shlt of piece! You now work for the cadre. Rob Ryan needs you to get the shitters cleaned, big meeting this afternoon

      Ps……quit lying, it’s making your pimple grow inward…..ouch!

      • rusoviet

        Why do you reply to this idiot? It’s what such as he feed upon – I am grateful that the clown has his ‘avatar’ so that I know to always ‘jump’ over whatever nonsense he has posted.

        Let’s face it the only chance the bel-airians have is next year – Mora’s all in for 2014 because he knows come 2015 it’s back to having to explain a 80 yd. practice field and a home stadium 20+ miles away to a potential recruit and getting the news the remaining $22 mil ain’t there for ‘new facilities’.

        • i agree, but where were you 4000 comments ago??? this retarrd keeps responding to me even though i don’t give him the time of day!! sad. some say he thinks i’m his daddy.
          it’s true. lil’ T-Fail, or Fail, as i called you, i never loved you and left you for dead in the woods.
          stop trying to contact me!

        • TrojanFan

          LOL!…You called the guy an “idiot” and “clown”, he agreed with you. Perhaps he’s turning the corner and realizing all his past transgressions, but Dementia is still some nasty!

          He looks at me as the son he never had, such a sad and confused little old man. May God help this lost soul

      • HeySUCs

        Used Condom, why are your eye so close? Quit avoiding the issue. Did you or did you not have a Chihuahua eye transplant. Fess up UC.

        • Rob Ryan

          Back to the village Hey. War time.

    • Rob Ryan

      *uck bucket. Now we’ll hack and shut him down. War time.

      • Okay so you have declared war, Izzy, shouldn’t that be followed by some kind of action??
        i know, i know….”its WAR TIME”!!!

        • Rob Ryan

          Ok pauper, you’re the *hit under my shoes. it is War time. shut down coming DOS.

        • Rob Ryan

          still in your head, *ucket.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Congratulations on reaching a new level of dorkiness!

      • Jezro, you are burned out! maybe you should join forced with Rob “Izzy Mandelbaum” Ryan!!!
        it’s GO TIME!!!!

    • WEB_Dupree

      I think we would all like to see these “images of members of the Cadre” — or will it just be pictures of Yoda, that kid from the Willy Wonka movie, and the Count from Sesame Street?

      • yeah, that’s pretty much it…but you forgot Thai …. he has been described as an Asian/Hispanic George Clooney, except more muscular!! and of course an image of the wolfman is etched in the glass bottom.
        i can’t help but pick up an undertone of “what if…” in your comment, WEB, the choices we make….

  • Joe Blow

    bucket and scot are stupid. The final AP poll is AFTER the bowl games.

  • B.Miller