Steve Sarkisian Informs Some Coaches They Won’t Be Back

New USC coach Steve Sarkisian said today he told some coaches they will not work past the bowl game.

“(They have) been notified that (the Las Vegas Bowl) is their last shot here,” Sarkisian said.

Offensive line assistant James Cregg is not expected to return. Offensive line coach Mike Sommers is another assistant not expected back. Sources said special teams coach John Baxter could also be let go despite Pat Haden calling him the best special teams coach in America.

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  • rusoviet

    You Tube has the latest in using the Hitler diatribe down in the bunker – this rendition is the hiring of Sark – can’t post the link – it is funny even mocking what I consider to be a good pick by Haden.

    title to paste is: “Hitler finds out that USC hired Steve Sarkissian”

    • WEB_Dupree

      Just watched it — pretty good. “Or even those two black guys!”

      My favorite Hitler/USC video is still “Hitler defends Pete Carroll” from a few years ago, where he says “Anyone who had season tickets during the Paul Hackett years can leave” before he begins his rant.

      • Joe Blow

        It is funny.

      • rusoviet

        There was another one about the Angels collapsing and the scene where Hilter sends almost everyone out of the room he then shrieks about “….Momma Guerrero (Vlad’s mother’s) cooking!” and you see one woman comforting the other.

    • HeySUCs

      The Hitler/Haden/Sark parody is hilarious. “…to UCLA, at home.” Appreciate the random heads up. The ability to laugh at one’s self is sign of superior intellect.

      • rusoviet

        Wait amigo it wasn’t “….to UCLA” it was “…to f#(&ing UCLA!”

  • FightON

    Our offensive line has been crap. I don’t know if the missed assignments is inexperience, lack of talent, injuries, etc. Still, hopefully the guys find this bowl is worth something (the fact that they get something other than a hair dryer should be fun).

    Someone made a good point earlier: a lot of these kids, especially Kessler, know that their starting position is up in the air. Hopefully that is motivation for them to put in the effort against Fresno.

  • 22

    So SC is going to a bowl game in 11 days with a depleted roster, their third head coach of the season, a depleted assistant coaching staff, most of whom are looking for their next job, and the players have to prepare during finals. What a mess. I will be very impressed if our team can get a victory against these odds.

    • Joe Blow

      Take the points.

  • Helen

    I wonder what Pendergast was told, given Justin Wilcox is not yet available?

    • Trojan love

      Hey Helen, did someone do some house cleaning?

  • Trojan love


    • HeySUCs

      Why are your eyes so close?

    • gotroy22

      Scott must have finally had enough of your obscenity-laced tirades.

    • ThaiMex

      You ate one of Chucker’s “SPECIAL” candy nuggets and you didn’t survive. We thought about having a party but decided to all have enemas in your memory!
      fit UN!

  • Chandler

    It seems to me that Pendergast should be retained. His defense was top 15 all season. A couple bad games but with proper players healthy, they can be even better next season.

  • Dr. Paul

    Super Typhoon Yolanda killed over 6,000 people and left well over 100,000 homeless. Whether you went to USC, UCLA, Fresno State or what ever, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to doctorswithoutborders. They have been in the three islands most devastated – Samar, Leyte and Bohol since the 6th of December. Electric power is still out and disease is a major threat. My wife and I will be in Bohol over Christmas and New Years and will probably not be able to see much football. God Bless everybody including Bucket, SUSC and the other trolls and Marry Christmas.

    • HeySUCs

      Where to Pauley?

      • Dr. Paul

        Will take a ferry from Cebu to either Tagbilaran or Tubigon on Bohol. Both were hit very hard. Electrical Power is marginal and they are having difficulty getting the water treatment plants. Having a lot of problems with e-coli and parasites so we will take as much bottled water as we can ship with us. I Will let everyone know what we find.

        • Doc, you the man.
          thanks for showing what the holiday is about.

  • Fred Sampson

    John Baxter is known in the College Football world to be one of the top special teams assistants and Steve Sarkisian is going to let him walk away ? This is one of the reasons why I think Pat Haden made a mistake in hiring Sarkisian , eventually the excuses will start pouring out of his mouth just as they did with his BEST FRIEND Lane Kiffin. Two Peas in a Pod !!!

    • sureshot32

      “Sources said special teams coach John Baxter could also be let go…”

      Could also be let go, huh? Even when Scooter breaks news, he doesn’t break news. You could say any of these guys “could” be let go (save Tee Martin, who’s already be notified he’s returning). I’d like to retain Baxter, as he has brought some measure of legitimacy to SC special teams. Remember what it was like under Carroll. An abomination.

  • B.Miller

    No one on the existing staff matters but Pendergast and Martin.. One kept, one more to go!