USC Coaching Staff Check

So here’s one way Steve Sarkisian’s coaching staff could look if things fall into place.

QB: Marques Tuiasosopo; RB/Special teams: Johnny Nansen; WR: Tee Martin; OL: Todd Washington; TE: Jordan Paopao; Defensive coordinator: Justin Wilcox; DL: Tosh Lupoi; LB: Peter Sirmon; DB: Keith Heyward.

Under this plan, Tuiasosopo would probably also be offensive coordinator.

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  • steveg

    Hey Wolfie, maybe we can get Mack Brown on staff too.

  • ;kjb;pkjb;kjb

    I understand the Wilcox situation but what is taking so long with Lupoi? Shouldnt this “so they say”, great recruiter be out doing his thing? Are we waiting for peterson to dismiss him so we dont have to pay a buyout?

    • Spedjones

      LOL. Great get by SC – “the guy we waited around for so we didn’t have to pay the buyout”!

  • betomas

    Fans that don’t know any better think that USC has an endless source of funds (it doesn’t…our endowment isn’t even in the top 20 in the U.S.) when in reality the funding situation for the rest of the Pac-12 teams has become a lot more equal, mostly because of the new tv network. Unfortunately, the reality is that we cannot afford both Coach Wilcox and Coach Lupoi right now and Haden is hoping that something will happen so he doesn’t have to buy them out outright.

    • TrojanFan2.0

      Wrong, wrong wrong!. More lame inside info. The janitor is selling you a bag of rock….haha!!!!

      • Spedjones

        Tosh is “questionable” from an NCAA compliance standpoint. Wilcox is good, but not sure how good.


          Great in-depth analysis Spud.

          • Spedjones

            Yep. I also hear that Petersen has a daughter with special needs.

          • TrojanFan2.0

            Bucket acting like bucket, pathetic!

    • grave soul

      At least you are being honest and not simply looking at everything at Usc through rose colored glasses. It does seem like usc is waiting to try to get them at a discount.

    • WEB_Dupree

      A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

    • FightON

      Look at this idiot.

      USC’s endowment is #21 in the US. So, sure, you can split hairs and claim it isn’t in the Top 20 (which it isn’t), but it’s nearly $3.5 billion dollars. The whole UC system works with a little over $5 billion, what does that tell you? Let me do the analysis for you: our entire university gets more than individual UC universities.

      With uni naming now open thanks to Nikias, the push is to beat Rice and jump into the top 20. I bet that happens in the next ten years. I also bet we keep beating the UC system because we aren’t subject to the regulatory actions they are (Berkeley has been slipping).

      Do you really know that much about USC? Because you like to call people stupid, but you clearly don’t know THAT much.

      Tread lightly, my dear. You’re in over your head. I went one post back and found you spouting nonsense. Now, I could go back through your others, but i really don’t have the time.

      Just stop claiming you understand USC when there are people here that are far more in tune to university happenings than you.

    • B.Miller

      that makes absolutely no sense if USC was willing to pay its next head coach $6 Mil a year..

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    what a crap staff … no expirence , no class , no talent

    • Jack B

      You’re in for a rough go at USC now for several more years! Hope you enjoy being a Trojan fan. It ain’t gonna be pretty. Maybe you should consider finding a new team to root for? Give yourself a break and switch allegiances!

  • Spedjones

    Sarknado coming full force!

  • Fred Sampson

    Yup !!! Steve Sarkision was right !! He certainly assembled the best College Football Coaching Staff in America….LMAO !! I’m relieved he’s not bringing back John Baxter and Clancy Pendergast , because Washington’s defense was much better then USC’s……NOT !!!!