USC QB Max Wittek Tells Teammates He Will Not Transfer


USC quarterback Max Wittek told his teammates he is going to return next season after meeting with Steve Sarkisian. Wittek was happy that Sarkisian told him the quarterback position will be open in spring practice, the sources said.

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  • ProbationU

    It will be open to him being 3rd string behind Browne and Kessler. I am sure Sarkisian’s new offense will be great for an immobile quarterback that stands like a statue in the pocket waiting to get sacked. Transferring is a no-brainer…but I guess he can’t figure out the obvious.

    • Saul Goodman

      I agree that Sark’s system doesn’t seem to favor Wittek’s atributes, but transferring seems to almost never workout for the student-athlete. Perhaps, he is getting advice that is mindful of that (though I assume he thinks he can win the job)

    • WEB_Dupree

      I wouldn’t blame him if he felt like leaving, but then again I also wouldn’t be surprised if current USC quarterbacks think to themselves (very optimistically, of course): “I’d rather be the next Matt Cassel than the next Aaron Corp.”

      • FightON

        I didn’t know this, but Aaron Corp apparently got the chance with three different NFL teams.

        It may have suited him better to remain a backup and play against a more talented defense in practice. Plus, the connections to scouts and offseason training at a D1 school is almost unmatched.

        • Toejam For Life

          But those connections to scouts and agents are what put SuC on probation in the first place…
          More talented defense? Hahahahaha

          • FightON


          • HeySUCs

            Shouldn’t it be “yawn.”

          • ThaiMex

            Hey…leave him alone…He turned down Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Cal and UCLA…..He “no’s” his stuff.
            fit UN!

        • Spedjones

          signed, Matt “4th Rounder” Barfly

          • FightON

            Better QB than UCLA has had. Hey, where’s Craft? Prince? Olson? Lulz.

            Hey, reply with something smart next time, okay?

          • HeySUCs

            How many ex-SUC QB’s have starting Super Bowl winner rings. Take you time Loseon.

          • FightON

            How many players does UCLA in the NFL compared to USC?

            All you have is Aikmen and you’re proud? LOL.

            You use to bore me but now I love getting all of your posts deleted. How does it feel to have all of your time deleted?

          • HeySUCs

            And you have Sean Salisbury and, of course, the eminent Carson “Big Game” Pimple. Did Rodney “Suitcase” Beet win one? I think your boredom is the result of your total lack of coherent mental capacity. Lose on Bunky.

          • FightON

            You mad, bro?

            Flagged, flagged, flagged. Bye, troll.

          • HeySUCs

            I forgot “Barfly” is a huge success in Philly and is considered a dynamite practice player.

          • HeySUCs

            Here Pu**y, pu**y.

  • steveg

    Of course there is a new learning curve with Sark in charge so it could level the field and be anybodies job but I have to believe Kessler with a season under his belt would have the advantage. Maybe Browne will transfer.

    • Helen

      Don’t underestimate Max Browne – he grew up near UW and was heavily recruited by Sark; he now has the QB he wanted a year ago.

      • HeySUCs

        But Browne didn’t want Sark.

        • Helen

          Browne didn’t want UW over USC.

  • Tom Oday

    Off the wall: Maybe the sheepskin is as important to him as the pigskin? He could give it a shot next season at USC…graduate and play a final year somewhere else.

    • ProbationU

      He should definitely focus on the sheepskin. I don’t think football is in his future as an occupation. Your point is well taken…get the degree…transfer and play immediately.

  • Sportsblab Jones

    Wolf, what about Washington’s second string quarterback? Can you go position by position and tell us what you know about everyone’s intentions on the Huskies?

    • HeySUCs


  • Fred Sampson

    Steve Sarkisisan has a history of burring talent on the bench as he did with several running back and receivers under Pete Carroll, and it amazes me that these players rather do that as oppose to transferring to other schools. Brice Butler was a receiver buried on the depth chart a few years ago at SC, and he decided to transfer to San Diego State, and ended up getting drafted by the Oakland Raiders. Max Wittek either loves USC so much or he can’t see the forest from the trees, because if I were him I would get to a San Diego or San Jose State ASAP and try to develop my skills and get a shot at the NFL. Because it ain’t gonna happen at USC .

  • Spedjones

    he’s not transferring….until after spring practices.

  • FreeShabazz

    Another QB controversy to start the season??? Thanks Sarkiffin!!!