• c’mon wolfman, you are TOYING with the Dummies!! this is like a Faux News Poll where they ask: “is O’Bummer the worst president ever???” 99% say yes!!!

    of COURSE the Dummies THINK the trOXans will out-do Petersen, even though any rational person can see the facts:

    1) Petersen built great teams with MUCH less talent and facilities than he has now, you think the result will be a worse team than Khardasian fielded? the result will be a powerehouse in WA.

    2) Khardasian will be VERY fortunate to make it past his third year. will declining talent and fantastic expectations, he is doomed to three years of excuse making, finger pointing, and beatdowns from the Rudy and UCLA!!!

    • steveg

      Are you kidding? Even a dildo from fucla would have to vote for USC. You got set up, didn’t see it coming. Great job Wolfie.

  • Helen

    ESPN is reporting a Los Angeles man who placed prank calls about job vacancies for prominent professional coaches was arrested today.

    “Kenneth Tarr was arrested at his home in Hollywood and booked on suspicion of felony eavesdropping, Los Angeles police spokeswoman Sally Madera said. The charge involves recording phone conversations without the consent of the people on the calls, Madera said.

    In October, USC athletic director Pat Haden said two people pretending to be school representatives contacted two coaches and tried to discuss the Trojans’ football coaching vacancy.

    Haden said one of the pranksters repeatedly tried to speak to an unnamed member of theDenver Broncos’ coaching staff about the USC opening.

    A person impersonating a school representative contacted Tony Dungy, the former Tampa Bay and Indianapolis coach. Afterward, Dungy talked about his apparent contact with USC on a national radio show, saying he turned down the representative. Steve Sarkisian was later hired as coach.”

    • FightON

      He bragged about it on Deadspin and then got arrested that very morning. Oops.

    • TrojanFamily

      Remember when Wolf dismissed Haden’s explanation about the Dungy call as a lie? I doubt he reminds you either.

  • DumbPhucket

    Who’s better? Scott Wolf or any other beat writing the country?

    • Independent_George

      Who’s better? Scott Wolf or Chlamydia?

  • Tom Oday

    The question should be…who will have the better record within the PAC-12 conference the next three years. UW has eight sure OOC wins scheduled in 2014-16 as of now.

  • B.Miller

    Wolf and these dumb polls.. do people actually vote?

  • Fred Sampson

    If Chris Petersen is the Coach everybody thinks he is then I have no doubt that the Washington Huskies will be a much better Team then USC under Steve Sarkisian in the next 3 years. USC will be what Washington is today and why would anybody think otherwise ? Sarkisian is what he is, and that is a Coach that will win a hand full of games every year and get to a decent Bowl game every now and then. There is nothing about him that says “NCAA National Championship Coach” ….not one thing !!!!