USC Morning Buzz: Hayes Pullard, George Uko, Dion Bailey Mull Turning Pro


The trio of defensive starters consider whether they will return for their senior season. George Uko will seek an evaluation from the NFL but has also told teammates he will return. Hayes Pullard has also said he will come back to teammates. Dion Bailey appears most likely to depart. Full story here


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  • ThaiMex

    Dion Who? Hayes will be a 2nd rounder but I’m not sure which CFL team will take a chance on him. I sure hope he enjoys rubbing noses with them Eskimoses because So. Central is nothing like up there in the Great “WHITE” North ( you thought USC was WHITE….you ain’t seen nothing yet, bro!). We’re gonna miss kicking your rear ends every year….so please come back and visit, ya hear!
    fit UN!

    • FightON

      Are you really this racist or are you just pissing people off? Lulz.

      • ThaiMex

        …Just to prove you are no hypocritical RAH RAH,….The next time your boyfriend nubsie, posts an anti-Semitic, or anti Hispanic, or anti Asian comment…I’d like you to be the VERY FIRST person to fire off a comment to Der Furher Nubsie….. or…maybe I’m right and RACIAL SLURS are fine as long as they originate from a sackless Torgan. One more thing…..Do you know who your daddy is?……..
        just like i thought.
        fit UN!

        • FightON

          Wait…so you’re racist, but you’re complaining that other people are racist? And you’re mad that they get away with being racist because you can’t get away with being racist?


          Protip, n00b: you aren’t supposed to get all wee-wee’d up when you’re trolling. You’re just supposed to troll, dude.

          • ThaiMex

            for someone that supposedly was accepted to Stanford, Cal, Ucla, and Harvard….you don’t come across as being very bright.

            I am not racist…I believe NI&&as come in all colors. I do what I want to do…It’s isn’t about getting away with anything. YOU seem to be offended by my humor however you have NEVER been offended by Nubsie’s racist comments. WHY? I find that sooo QUEER. I guess it’s FUNNY (queer) when a Torgan spews crap about JEWS…..but over at Univ of South Central, where YOUNG BLACK MALE Athletes are EXPLOITED (yup, son, you’re now one of us…sort of anyway)…it’s important not to STIR THE POT, even if it’s just a little bit funny!
            Congrats…you are posting nearly as often as T-Fail with little more to say.
            fit UN!

    • B.Miller

      Still on here writing the dumbest stuff

  • pactenman

    All these guys are fantastic Trojans and it would be great to have them back for another year. None of these guys are NFL locks and under other circumstances they wouldn’t even be considering leaving. But as the reality of Sark sinks in pretty much every current player that can jump ship will probably go.

    • Cheap seats

      What about Hayes? Not an NFL lock?

  • Spedjones

    Bailey should go. He’s had an AMAZING career at SC – what else does he have to prove? Bwahahaha.

  • LamontRaymond

    That’s called burying the lede.

  • FightON

    I would love to have some stay, but why would they? The chance to get injured is high and with rookie pay being so low, head off and get a contract. Robey’s done well despite not being drafted and supposedly not being NFL material.

  • B.Miller

    If you are not a for sure 1st or 2nd round draft pick, and your family is not in dire need of money.. As a player you should always come back to better your position in the next draft, and finish your degree..
    Only person in my opinion that should leave it Marques Lee..