Fresno State Ticket Update

Fresno State reports it has sold more than 4,000 tickets for the Las Vegas Bowl.

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  • john wolcott

    How many tickets has Fresno Stare bought, Scottie?

  • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

    Without any context, this is a fairly meaningless statistic.

    It would be like saying “Scott Wolf has hair on his head.” It may be a true statement but it doesn’t tell the full story of Wolf’s balding pate.

    Or it would be like saying, “Heysucs has a brain.” Again, it’s true that she has a brain, but it doesn’t let the reader know that she can’t compose and communicate a coherent thought without wetting herself.

  • Joe Blow

    Who cares? This is a LOUSY bowel. We all know it. I wouldn’t waste ten cents to go and buy a ticket. In fact, I feel like a normal fucla fan. CHEAP.

  • steveg

    Fresno sold 3500 tickets to fucla trolls. What a group of morons.

  • Fred Sampson

    I bet the loss of Ed Orgeron affects the play of the players and Fresno State puts it on them . Why would they be motivated for this game when Pat Haden pulled the plug on their emotional high ? Haden will be proven to be an Idiot as far as running an Athletic program goes once it’s all over and done with….TRUST !!!

    • Wisdom

      And if your meaningless opinion is wrong?

  • Independent_George

    You do this every year.

    Give it up.

  • Ron Fleishman