Montague Kiffin Makes Mark In NFL Statistics

Former USC defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s Dallas Cowboys defense is on pace to finish as the second-worst in NFL history.  Dallas has allowed 5,549 yards this season.

Kiffin was asked if he considered quitting?

“Not really. I don’t think so. Hadn’t really thought about that,” Kiffin told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I would say that would be kind of like a player saying, ‘Let’s throw it in; let’s throw in the towel,’ or like telling your players, ‘Don’t play that hard anymore. Let’s give it up.’ It ain’t happening.”


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  • Brian

    WOW! Scottie loves to kick a man while he’s down. They are no longer affiliated with USC, so leave them alone already.

    • Helen

      That’s not all he’d like to do.

  • Golden Trojan

    When Monte Kiffin had Warren Sapp and John Linch he was a genius, without the right talent he looks inept.

    • Cheap seats

      Don’t forget about Simeon Rice, Derrick Brooks, USC’s very own Brian Kelly, and Ronde Barber.

      Wolf can try to knock Monte, but bottom line is that he’s a Super Bowl winner of a dominant defense that took down the #1 offense that year.

      He probably should move on. And so should Wolf.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for either doing it soon.

  • Sportsblab Jones

    According to Wolf, Monte mated with a jackal and spawned Lane.

    • lore also has it that Lon Chaney Jr. and a female body builder mated and spawned the wolfman!!

    • Helen

      If Monte mated with Wolf then Scottie could say to Lane “I am your father.”

      • Joe Blow

        bucket was the product of his pig and Wolf.

  • FightON

    Scottie has a girl crush on the Kiffins and he doesn’t care who knows about it.

  • snarfy

    The obsession continues!

  • B.Miller


  • tostevinUSC

    Truth be told he is just using the stadium to nap in. He is like all the other people who have gotten too many concussions. When they say he’s forgotten more about coaching defense than you will ever know-they mean it.

  • Arturo

    What’s with the infatuation with the Kiffins?

    • Goatboy Kiffin

      easy targets … both are complete morons

  • Goatboy Kiffin

    how did these moron Kiffins ever get into coaching football … what a couple of failures