• Joe Blow


    • WhtHorse

      Lame is little gutties hanging around USC blogs.

  • john wolcott

    Still like those traditional SC songs

    Of course, I can understand the SUCLAs not sharing my enthusiasm because I can’t stand their songs

    • rusoviet

      Well one they stole from Cal – probe listed some lyrics I have never heard sung anywhere and the other is ‘Hail to the hills of Bel-Air!

      What’s really amusing is when they have their ‘floats’ (big balloons like the Reds used in Moscow) of Woodie….

  • Toejam For Life

    There is nothing like hearing Conquest after 2 smashings by the Bruins (11 wins in the past 20 games) played to an empty Coliseum! Ooops, this was being played for the water polo team, not the football team!