USC Went After Jim Harbaugh?


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  • jetman624

    Harbaugh isn’t leaving THAT 49er team for any college program, ever. No coach would.

    In your dreams, Texas…

    • FightON

      It’ll be interesting to see what Texas offers. Texas has a lot of money for their educational system, but I can only assume most of it goes to UTA – it is their golden, ranked public school. Articles are claiming the Texas salary may rival USC’s planned offerings….We’ll see.

      • jetman624

        Not even Texas can just buy whoever they want. He has a family that he has been raising in the area since his Stanford days. Most men would simply not uproot like that for an extra mil or two. What could he do with 7 mil he can’t do with 5, or whatever he makes?

        And leave a top tier team on the edge of competing for a super bowl AGAIN? I mean really… get a grip people…

        • FightON

          I’d be shocked if Harbaugh left. I agree with you – I do not see him leaving.

          I do, however, think Texas is done with Mack Brown (despite conflicting reports), but I really do not know their program all that well.

        • gotroy22

          The tax situation would be highly favorable for him to leave.

      • gotroy22

        Isn’t the athletic funding separate from the rest of the university?

        • FightON

          My understanding is that it comes out of their endowments. The UT system reports its entire endowment, of which each UT college gets some money (there are apparently other separate funds as well, though I don’t know how it works). Endowments, typically, are made up of a bunch of separate funds. Athletic funds tend to be separate within the endowment. The funds are separate because they are governed by different rules. Example: if you donate to the basketball team, it goes to the athletic fund but can only be used for basketball.

          I’m assuming the athletic fund is pretty large given how much money the UT system has (as well as the amount of dedicated boosters/alums/donors UTA has).

    • And ‘SC, apparently.

  • Joe Blow

    Good. The guy’s a bigger a hole that Scott.

  • FightON

    Ken Tarr?

    I can’t believe Harbaugh was even approached. Maybe he was, but doesn’t Haden know the bad blood?

    Still, I can’t see Harbaugh leaving for Texas. 49ers have too much potential.

  • TrojanFamily

    A far more likely rumor is David Shaw to Texas. If that happened, Scooter would have to change his underoos.

  • More proof positive the Southern Cal job is anathema to all the big name coaches!!!

    Not one coach took trOXans seriously!!!! Oh, except Khardasian, and dumb Hadden way overpaid him he wouldda took the job for $20.50 hr. !!!

    • Cheap seats

      Yes Chuckles!!! These dummies deserve a kick in the crotch!!! Nobody wants to coach the trOXans!!!

      • HeySUCs

        So true. Haden should have bought a boat.

  • Brian

    Hey Scottie — be careful with these quotes. I highly recommend you find a second source. I am sure you remember that Tony Dungy said he was offered the job, and we found out that was not true.

  • Fred Sampson

    I don’t know what Texas is going to do to attract a Big Name qualified Football Coach, but I promise you it will handled much different then the debacle at USC .

  • Joe Blow

    I just love when Scott, who doesn’t read his blog, deletes my posts that are critical of him.

    • Cheap seats

      He deleted your posts? I had some that were removed.

      • Joe Blow

        Scott can’t take it…..or maybe he CAN.

      • ThaiMex

        Maybe he’s afraid of the both of you? hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah
        fit UN!

  • B.Miller

    Rather have David Shaw than Harbaugh

  • tostevinUSC

    What’s your deal man?

  • LTEfan

    This is a total non-story. Of course Harbaugh is going to remain with the 49ers. He wants to be an NFL head coach, not a college head coach. Stanford was a stepping stone to the NFL. The 49ers can outspend the University of Texas until the cows come home.

  • rusoviet

    I sincerely doubt there is any credibility to the ‘insider’ hot news tip of Harbaugh being approached by USC I even doubt anyone aside from the crackpot that was busted recently who contacted Dungy, had any contact with Shaw.

    Harbaugh is a known royal pain the kiester – an egomanical control freak who would turn the football program into a nut house.

    NO ONE who is a successful HC leaves the NFL for college unless they’ve blown it big time and need to get back some legitimate credibility.

    Schefter and all the rest think they’re the reincarnation of Walter Winchell – “I have the power to create news not just report it!”

    Guy looks like Steve Garvey’s soulmate

  • Brad Hutchings

    Why not? Harbaugh is a baller. Dislike him for beating us down in the “what’s your deal” bowl. Don’t dislike him for how he coaches. #Stud

  • HeySUCs

    In one of the Great Peter Pan adventures, SUC AD Pat Haden pursued current Stanford HC and previous Stanford HC for SUC’s vacant HC job with predictable results – flat out rejection. I give Haden points for Large Balls, but seriously SUCUDub fans, Haden will walk on water before either coach, even dead drunk, would consider SUC’s FB program worth anything more that a chuckle. SUCUDub’s dubious unique tradition isn’t worth squat.

    • Cheap seats

      Cheap Seat’s new year’s resolution:

      1. Grow business 100%. Incorporate 2 new marketing campaigns.
      2. Expand charity organization by 10 members and additional $20,000 in donations.
      3. Coach 2 son’s basketball and football teams.
      4. Go on 4 1-week vacations.

      HeySUCs new year’s resolution:
      1. Troll InsideUSC 15 hours a day
      2. Maybe step outside of mom & dad’s house

      What an effing loser.

      • HeySUCs

        Commendable new year’s resolutions. I hope you succeed in the endeavor. You might add one addition resolution to your list: Quit rolling and start walking.